8 Ways to Get Press for Your Small Business

8 Ways to Get Press for Your Small Business

Public relations are something that small businesses, especially those that are new small businesses, neglect to make a priority. Offering compelling content and intriguing visual marketing campaigns helps your PR, so does how you pitch to potential clients and new network connections. Small businesses should focus harder on local PR rather than national, since that is where the biggest concentration of their customers is.

1. Use Local and Industry-Specific Influencers

Reach out to influencers to help spread the word about your small business. When content is shared or created by an influencer, it is 40-percent more likely to be purchased because an influencer used it. Influencers are trusted authorities in their respective industries. On social media networks, influencers likely have tens of thousands of followers. What they post gets attention and can help bring your small company into the limelight for a while.

2. Implement Real-Time Marketing Strategies

Real-time marketing strategies are necessary to make an impact in your industry. Small businesses can leverage real-time marketing by sharing photos of real workplace happenings as they happen or engaging with a major event and showing support. These simple things build rapport with your audience.

3. Get Involved on Social Media

In order to help your PR, and status in your industry, a presence and involvement on social media networks is necessary. It helps create a buzz about your business. Improving PR on social media is as simple as following a set number of audience members per month and branding your social media pages. Post fresh, relevant content consistently.

4. Pitch Wisely

Pitching your business, its content, or a product to everyone will not work. Introduce your business to those already in the industry and those that need what your business has to offer. Pitching blindly bruises reputations and can bruise the self-esteem of your PR staff, decreasing productivity.

5. Don’t Forget the Locals

Using a hyper-local approach, create customer-centric advertisements and content. The more personalized it is for your audience and industry influencers, the better your consumer satisfaction rating will be, as well as you overall industry reputation. Use big data and current digital marketing trends to create customized campaigns so that your audience identifies your small business and its products as an industry leader.

6. Stretch beyond your Network

At some point, your created network is going to dry up. This means that you need to make new connections. One of the best ways to get PR as a new company is to think outside the box and stretch to the parameters of your industry. This means that a smartphone case distributor, for example, would want to stretch all of the way to a screen protector or solar device charging influencer to draw attention to their small business.

7. Embrace Press Releases

Press releases get the attention of industry reporters and editors. It also brings attention to your small business. In 2017, the use of press releases are expected to be one of the public relations trends in an evolving market or industry. Press releases should be short and to the point. They can be used to introduce a new business, new product, change of management/ownership, or to release details about industry disrupting processes.

8. Use Big Data

Big data is your friend when you are attempting to improve your PR tactics. You can help your business by using PR trends that will help you dominate your industry by measuring engagement, content reaches, and actual statistics from investments made for PR purposes. Compare your data with that of a major competitor. Make necessary changes, even if it is something as simple as being more active on social media, creating a mobile-app for your small business, or creating more video content.

Final Thoughts on PR for Small Businesses

It is not too late to work on your public relations skills. Once your business profits enough, you can hire a PR manager, but for the time being, it needs to be done in-house to meet other business goals. Consider creating a campaign that will gain national attention – something that will go viral. That will give your PR a boost and sets a new standard for your small business to continue developing.

What strategies will your small business use to improve Public Relations moving forward?

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