8 Ways to Declutter Your Life

8 Ways to Declutter Your Life

If you have ever taken the time to realize how cluttered your life is with work, school, finances and entertainment that doesn’t leave much time for you to think and organize yourself. Disorganization leads to discontentment. Break down the decluttering process into steps so that it does not get too overwhelming, stumping any progress you may have made. Decluttering your personal life helps improve your performance at work too.

Disorganization leads to discontentment. Break down the decluttering process into steps so that it does not get too overwhelming, stumping any progress you may have made. Decluttering your personal life helps improve your performance at work too.

Use Mobile Apps to Organize Yourself

Mobile applications add conveniences to your life. Conveniences save time and reduce stress. Use mobile apps on your smart devices to create daily schedules, grocery lists, to-do lists, and remember important appointments. While this may seem like you may be overly organized, it is making your life easier and reducing the number of pieces of paper with notes written on them that you have laying around.

Something as simple as shopper’s reward cards on a keychain can clutter your key ring and become an inconvenience. There is a mobile app available, called Key Ring that allows you to enter your shopper’s reward club cards into one application, taking away the need to have the card on your key ring altogether.

Create Home Organization Lists

It is important for your home to be tidy and organized. If your home is not in order, it is difficult for the rest of your life to be. Avoiding chaos starts with giving every item in your home a proper place. Give yourself little tasks to complete daily that take no more than 15 minutes at a time. Make the tasks room-specific until that room is complete. Tackle only one room at a time so that you remain focused on removing items that are no longer relevant to your life or used regularly to reduce general clutter.

Stop Multitasking

When you multitask, you are not putting all of your focus into one task. What this does is clutters your brain with too many thoughts. Make it a point to complete one task before moving onto another. When multiple tasks are in-progress at once it becomes stressful and overwhelming. This type of clutter, especially at work, reduces efficiency and productivity.

Organize a Home Office

For the purpose of keeping all of your tax information, bills, appointments and work tasks separate from your living space, create and organize a home office. This reduces clutter from the rest of the home and separates business/finances from a relaxing lifestyle. You will also have more time with your family with the organized separation.

Slow Down and Re-Evaluate

Take time for yourself. You are the most important person in your own life, aside from spouses, children, and parents. You may be taking part in activities that you have no interest in to maintain a status in your group of friends. If you really dislike it and it honestly brings you no joy, stop going and do something you love to do instead.

Apply the 80/20 Rule

If 80-percent of your personal belongings are only used 20-percent of the time, the items are wasted and just taking up space. The idea is to flip the ratio to owning 20-percent of the amount of items you used to have that are used 80-percent of the time. This does not mean living a minimalistic lifestyle, it simply means that items that are used only rarely are not of significant importance in your life and can be done without.

Disconnect from Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships, whether they are personal friendships or work relationships, bring drama to your life. With drama comes clutter from stress. If you disconnect from negative forces and remove toxic connections from your life, you will feel free and less tied down.

Decluttering is Stress Reduction

The main reason that it is important to declutter your life is that it is a means of stress reduction. The less you have to worry about and the less you have to clean up, the more time you have to spend enjoying life and taking part in what matters most to you. Decluttering your life also leads to better performance at work and more cohesion at home.

Final Thoughts

It is important to step-back from life every now and then to reflect on your overall satisfaction. In the areas that trouble you, make changes. Removing a few steps from your daily life or those that cause you the most personal stress may need to be re-evaluated. The idea of decluttering your life is to make things more manageable so that you actually enjoy it and don’t end up wondering where the time went. In other words, decluttering your life is making time to smell the roses.

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