Shopify Welcomes New Payment Gateway: Skrill / Moneybookers!

As I’m sure you’re aware, Shopify integrates with many different payment processing services. Today, we’re pleased to welcome Skrill, operating the platform Moneybookers to our esteemed roster. 

Skrill is one of Europe’s largest online payment systems and offers a safe, quick and convenient way to make and receive payments.  As a result of our new payment processing friendship, Shopify merchants can now offer their customers the option of securely purchasing products through Skrill. Given their extensive European presence, this payment gateway is particularly good for global expansion as they offer over 100 payment options from all around the world.   

You can take a tour and learn more by clicking >ME

**UPDATE**  For those who are going to integrate: "Merchant tools" is part of the business account only (not personal account) and it needs activation. Call Moneybookers customer support and they'll gladly switch you over. If you open an account through the link above, you'll automatically trigger a request for merchant tool activation.

To quote Ralf Wenzel, the COO of Moneybookers parent company, “With only one simple integration, our service allows Shopify merchants to immediately internationalize their stores and attract international customers. In addition our fraud risk prevention on every payment and charge-back protection (which are available upon request) gives merchants an added layer of security.” 

If you just read all that and don’t know what a payment gateway is, read this:   "A payment gateway is a service that authorizes credit card payments and processes them securely with a user’s merchant account. Often, a merchant account and payment gateway are set up in one process through the same company." 

Or check out what Wikipedia says here.  :-)



  • Tammy
    May 11 2011, 06:44PM

    This is GREAT for Shopify merchants in the UK! Thanks Shopify!

  • Will
    May 11 2011, 07:44PM

    Does this gateway allow us as store owners to accept credit cards directly on the Shopify site?

  • @Shopify Dennis
    May 12 2011, 01:01AM

    Skrill/Moneybookers is an offsite integration. That means customers will leave the Shopify checkout and get redirected to an external site to enter their credit card information. The process is very straightforward though and I think Skrill did a great job with the payment interface. Hope that answers your question, Will!

    Best, Dennis
    Technical Support Engineer

  • Thomas
    May 12 2011, 01:17AM

    It even works with merchants in Japan. A great thing for us. Thanks!

  • Stefan
    May 12 2011, 06:03PM

    I have a moneybookers account for years, now I wanted to connect it with Shopify but I cannot find the merchant tools … ?

    3. Implement Moneybookers

    Once you have got your Moneybookers account activated you need to activate Moneybookers processing within Shopify, to do this you need to log into the merchant tools section of your Moneybookers account and enter a secret word (different from your password), then log back into your Shopify shop and complete the integration.

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    May 13 2011, 03:37PM

    Stefan: Thanks for the comment! I’ll try and solve your problem through this comment, but if you still have questions please shoot me an e-mail at

    With regard to merchant tools, this section is part of Moneybookers merchant account, and data like secret words, need to be transferred from there to the Shopify platform.

    You can refer to page 6 of the activation manual, and that should help you out.

    Let me know if that helps!

  • Louis
    May 15 2011, 03:36PM

    Will this work for merchants based in the UAE?

  • Thomas Borowski
    Thomas Borowski
    May 16 2011, 04:56AM

    Stefan / Mark: I couldn’t find the “Merchant Tools” menu item in my Moneybookers account either. I called MB support and you need to have a business account with them. If you only have a personal account, the menu item will now be available and you can’t set your secret word.

    Just call support and have them switch your account to a business account. I called on Friday and was able to set things up today, so they’re pretty quick.

    Hope that helps

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    May 16 2011, 09:12AM

    Thomas: Great to hear, thanks for sharing!

  • Thomas
    May 18 2011, 05:32PM


    this sounds very interesting and I setup an account with MB. I am however not sure if we have to pay a monthly fee. Going to this page suggests ~20,- EUR/month.

    Is that correct?

    Thanks Thomas

  • Natalia
    May 24 2011, 01:12PM


    just to confirm there is no monthly fee and no setup fee.
    For the fee schedule go to:

    hope this helps!

  • Marcus Ramberg
    Marcus Ramberg
    May 28 2011, 12:30PM


    Trying to activate moneybookers in shopify after getting the merchant tools activated, but when I enter email and secret and press activate, the page just come back with ‘no payment gateway’.

  • Natalia
    June 06 2011, 01:08PM

    Hi Marcus,
    Sorry for delay with replying. Could you please contact me directly at: with your Moneybookers account details, so I can check on our system what is the problem

  • Louis
    April 14 2012, 04:18AM

    Hi Mark, which payment gateways can be used in the United Arab Emirates?

  • Mohsin Raza
    Mohsin Raza
    April 14 2012, 01:30PM

    i have money bookers Business account but the merchant service doesnot appear. what should i do?
    and is it possible to have a payment gateway like attached with my account?
    i will be waiting for your answers

  • SCTS
    June 12 2012, 01:10AM


    How much to sign up shopify the cheapest account support in Singapore , Malaysia- Asia?

    Does skrill moneybookers accept GLOBAL MONEY transfer to Singapore / Malaysia account ?
  • Ashraf
    June 21 2012, 05:26PM

    To reiterate Louis’ question (asked twice) – which payment gateways can be used in the UAE please?


  • Jonathan weston
    Jonathan weston
    December 23 2012, 04:04PM

    I was also having problems finding were to add a secret question so I emailed them and got this reply

    Dear Jonathan weston,

    Thank you for your interest in Skrill.

    Due to high demand for our services, we cannot currently accept you as a merchant.

    We wish you every success with your venture.

    Kind regards
    Skrill Merchant Services

    I don’t know what i’ve done wrong i’m willing to pay higher fee’s if needed, do you really think their no longer taking merchants ???

    Any help from shopify staff would go a long way i’m sure, my skrill account info is

    Customer ID: 32963344

    Please help me Shopify!

  • Frank
    January 15 2013, 02:44PM

    I have a skrill account and when my customers buy stuff they first need to fill out a form on shopify to get to the next step.. (the offsite integration skrill) and there they need to fill out almost the same info again, before finally paying?!
    Isn’t there a faster way? Lot of customers are lost by this.

  • Ameer Ghanem
    Ameer Ghanem
    January 21 2013, 08:16AM

    Hi, We wish to know which payment gateway works with UAE. we are located there and we would like to know which gateway works with banks here.


  • Sabina
    July 24 2013, 03:25PM

    To UAE merchants – I have worked on my shopify store for a month. In the last steps before going live, I discovered that there are no payment gateways that would work for a shop based in the UAE. A reccomendation is to create your on an independednt platform and incorporate one of the following:

    1. Etisalat’s payment gateway
    3. Other companies in Dubai that help integrate gateways into your site. You can google them.

  • Isaias
    August 06 2013, 11:54AM

    My best recommendation… Stay away from Skrill/Moneybookers.
    As a merchant in Latin America Moneybookers (later renamed to Skrill) was a very good choice taking into account the limited options we have.
    But after two years they just decided my business was interesting for them (I guess). They just decided that they will close my account and many other. Not because “anything you have done” (their words) or any violation, but because the can or want to. I also spend time to fill a survey before a recent image change of their site to help them be a better business, before their smart decision.
    They said the notified me two month before but they didn’t. I just found my customers complaining that they were unable to make payment. After that I have found many business and individuals on the Web with similar situations.
    That is the most disrespectful, irresponsible and discriminatory behaviour i’ve seen on any online business.
    Do something smart and stay away.

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  • Sam Lopez
    Sam Lopez
    November 18 2015, 12:40PM

    Hey Sabina,

    I have few queries on Etisalat’s PG.

    Could you please help me integrate Etisalat’s Gateway in my Shopify store? What you did? Any IT freelancer guy you know?

    Do reach me on my email.

    Sam Lopez

  • Sam Dad
    Sam Dad
    February 21 2017, 04:25PM

    I have a shopify account. We are based on Australia but also have overseas customers. We currently use Shopify payments. We found overseas customers (mainly US) does not have international transaction activated on their credit card. And they are unable to use this payment option. Does Skrill allows credit card charged on different countries locally?

  • Andrey
    June 02 2017, 09:53AM

    If it is, i’ll check it here:

  • Bert
    August 08 2017, 01:11PM

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    Very interesting and powerful, all new « Entrepreneurs » and « Marchants » should follow this LIVE webinar. You gone have a better understanding about starting an eCommerce Business and How can it be Profitable, right away!!

  • moin
    November 28 2017, 05:42PM

    Can you please me accept payment method in bangladesh? and its take how much time?

  • Zarak Khan
    Zarak Khan
    March 10 2018, 04:31AM

    Can it be used in Pakistan. Skrill?

  • Prynx
    March 20 2018, 06:38AM

    Please how can i integrate shopify with skril.

  • Zeljko Jovanovic
    Zeljko Jovanovic
    June 08 2018, 11:52AM

    I have im not sure what i need to do, Paypal are closed my acc couple days ago.
    Im working for 10 monts over 5000$+ in sales ,but i have no alternative…
    Can i get help from shopify or i need to close my store..

  • Suzan
    July 15 2018, 12:41AM

    Is Skrill still working? Is your payment gateway supported if the owner lives in PALESTINE? Thanks.

  • Jacklin jone
    Jacklin jone
    January 10 2019, 07:25AM

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