chapter 7

Lesson 2: Types of Content to Create And The Tools to Create Them

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Hi there and welcome back, Ezra Firestone here, from, for Shopify Ecommerce University. Let's take about the plan. What we are doing is content marketing. That is fundamentally the process that I'm going to teach you how to leverage content marketing for your business. And as I mentioned before, the faceless ecommerce store is dead. You've got to add value to your market beyond just selling products. This is the missing piece of the puzzle. This is what most business owners forget about, don't know about, don't do. This is how you generate repeat business. This is how you generate visibility and conversions.

And it all comes to relevant content. And the benefit of this is that you fortify yourself from channels. So you can see here in this business, 51%, sorry 48%, of our traffic is coming from repeat visitors, right? So people who have visited our site at some point before. Because we are engaging them with content. We are engaging our community, and we are engaging our customers. And they are coming back from us. And they're coming back and buying from us over and over again. The other benefit is that you get higher multiples when you sell. Because you have an increased revenue when you are doing this process.

You're not just relying solely on your advertising campaigns or your organic rankings. You are generating content and creating content and syndicating that content. And marketing it and getting it out in front of people yourself. And every time you send an email for every week that you send an email to your customers you make money as well, because you're able to soft sell, right? These videos are phenomenal for soft selling. So you engage with your community and it doesn't have to be a video, it can be a blog post, too. I recommend doing video which I'll show you in just a second. But you're engaging them but you're also mentioning your products and services.

Now consistency is key with this model. Well, you can't just do one piece of content and then never do it again. You've got to be consistent. Because people build relationships with people who they see, right? You build friendships with people who you relate with consistency on a regular basis. Your friends from your yoga class each week. Or your friends from school. It's like you have an excuse to relate with these people regularly. So you build friendships with them. So if you are putting content regularly and relating and having face time with your community regularly, you build a relationship with them, and they trust you, and they buy from you.

So it's called creation, optimization, and syndication. I'm going to teach you about the creation part right now. Then we'll go on to the optimization and the syndication. So the way that we do it is with video blogs, right? We believe that video is the best media format that you can possible use because it's very easily [manipulatable] into other media formats. You can transcribe your video. You can pull out the audio so people can listen to it. It's a very easy format to leverage into other formats. And it communicates the best. It builds the best relationship with your customers.

People can hear your intonations. They can feel you in a way that they can't with text. So you build a deeper relationship. And the benefit of video is that you get face time with your community. Like I said you build a relationship. The benefit of this whole process is that you, it significantly increases your SCO, because you are getting social signals from all this content that's being shared and all the social networks are getting freshness. So your site is being constantly updated. You can easily transform that video into other mediums.

Video sells better than just about any other form of content. So the statistic is that 64% of people who see a video on a product page will watch it. And they are 80% more likely to buy from you after to watching that video. And it doesn't have to be a face to camera video. If you're afraid of putting your face on camera, that's okay, you don't have to do face to camera. And I'll talk about that in just a second. And this is, you're building an asset here that makes an impact on people's lives. So that's what this process is all about. Let's get into the content creation.

So when we talk about content creation it's essentially creating content that is relevant to the topics and conversations and lives of your community. So your opinion is best. What you think about what is going on in your community is absolutely best. And it doesn't have to be you on camera. It can be a slide show, a PowerPoint presentation with your voice. You don't have to do face to camera. Face to camera is really good, but it's not the only style of video.

It doesn't have to be face to camera video. But your opinion is the absolute best thing you can give. So "Hey, this is Jane from xyz And this thing is happening in our community. And here is what we think about it." For example all of the cycling websites, when the whole Lance Armstrong thing was going on, they all created videos and content about what they thought about that specific thing. You know we create content about what we think about aging and what we think about graying hair and wrinkles, and that kind of thing, in our skin care business. The next type of content is educational videos, right?

Videos that educate your consumer about something. The top ten destinations for spas. Or the top ten destinations for rock climbing. Or education about a specific product line. Or education about a specific topic, like skincare, or any kind of educational videos, really, really solid type of content. It polls really well. People love it. They engage with it. Behind the scenes content. This is some of the most fun type of content to create, what's going on behind the scenes at your company. Or behind the scene where your products are made.

Or really, anything behind the scenes. You can see here in this image, this is from the Disney store blog. They did behind the scenes of how some of their artwork is created. So anything behind the scenes people really, really like. Listener feedback. So people are going to leave comments on your blog, they are going to leave you voice comments through a plug in that I'm going to show you how to use. They're going to engage with you and creating content that's specifically relevant to what people are asking you about.

It's a really great type of content because it's based on what people already want. And what they've told you that they want. What your customers and community have told you that they are interested. Pod casts, and basically long form audio content. Of any kind. It could be an interview, it could be you talking about a subject. But long form audio content is a really great type of content because people download it to their iPads and their iPhones and their iPods. And they take it with them on the go. And you'll be seeing how we leverage audio content throughout this process. And then how to un-open the box video.

So basically how to do this and how to do that. Or how to use this product, or unwrapping. This is what this product looks like when you get it. So doing content specifically related to your product. And of course, or products, rather. And of course articles. So long form written content about anything in particular. And face to camera videos or PowerPoint videos. So that's the type of content that is the best to create. Here is a few more examples of types of content that you might create. I mentioned "Ten Best Destinations for Rock Climbing."

That's one that someone done. Or the necessary equipment that you need for this activity. Or how this equipment works. Anything that's really industry related. And one of the problems that people say that they have commonly is that hey, I don't know how to create content. I don't... I feel like the technology for creating this content is beyond me.

And the truth is if you have an apple device, if you have an apple device of any kind. And if you go to, this is basically a road which is a brand of microphone, smart Lavalier microphone. It plugs right to any apple device. Makes your sound quality better. You don't even need a microphone. I like to use one because I like to have a little bit higher quality audio. But if you have an apple device you can create content. Every computer has some sort of built in video editing software. We use Macs so we use iMovie.

But if you have an apple device and you buy this microphone, you don't even need it, but if you do want a little bit higher quality audio, then you can purchase this. And you have iMovie or some form of video editing software, which all computers come with some form of free video editing software. And if they don't come with it you can easily download free video editing software for PCs and obviously iMovie is for the Mac. And so that's all you need to create this content, to shoot video or to create a PowerPoint presentation and record audio into it.

Because our computers are so advanced these days. They have got cameras, they've got editing software. They've got microphones. So it allows us to create this content really easily. And this was really to give you an idea of the types of content that you can create. And to show you that it's not very difficult. That you don't have to be some special technology to be able to create engaging content. And the quality doesn't so much matter. The quality, like if you look at the content we create for BOOM! by sending Josip [SP], which is my skincare company.

It's just Cindy sitting down in front of her Mac. Half the time she is not even using a microphone. So production value isn't a big deal. Of course, I like to have high production value on my marketing blog, smart marketer. I like to play with that because I'm really into. But you don't need it. You don't need super high production value content. It can be very simple. The reason is because these devices, these apple devices and these commuters, and these cameras and these phones are so good that the quality of the audio and of the video that they shoot on their default settings is more than good enough.

It's more than what you need for your content creation. So the point here is that it's not very difficult. And I just wanted to give you an idea of the types of content that you can create. And give you some inspiration for different types of content. And of course, we will go look at my blog. And some of my different ecommerce and have a look at those blogs after we get through this syndication process so that you can see some live examples as well. But this stuff, it's easy to create. And you can do this. And that's what I wanted to drill home in this video. So this has been Ezra Firestone from, for Shopify Ecommerce University. Thank you so much. And I'll catch up with you in the next video.

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