Community sponsorships

We believe commerce is a powerful tool for social impact. By partnering and investing in our local communities we can work together to make commerce better for everyone.

We’re proud to partner with inclusive organizations and initiatives that support entrepreneurs and advance tech education in Canada and around the world for the long term.

Let us know how we can help.

Frequently asked questions

What types of events do you sponsor?

We sponsor a variety of events and programs including meetups, conferences, educational workshops, and tradeshows. Our focus is largely around spreading entrepreneurship, building computing literacy and supporting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

However, we don’t have a single type of sponsorship so if you think your project is a fit, please get in touch and tell us more.

How long until I hear back from someone at Shopify?

We’d love 6‑8 weeks advance notice for sponsorship requests and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can if we’re interested.

Can I host an event in your space?

Shopify is shifting to a Default to Digital model of work. Our offices will be closed until 2021 while we rework our spaces.

Once we are able to safely open them to the public again, we intend to accept requests that are relevant to Shopify and fit into the goals of the community.

Can someone from Shopify speak at my event?

We’ve got lots of great speakers at Shopify. If you’re looking for someone to speak virtually at your event, we can definitely look into the opportunity and find someone with the right expertise.