How to Create a Successful Pop-Up Shop [Video Series]

Melissa Gonzalez, Lion'esque Group | Shopify Retail

When Marc Jacobs, J.Hilburn, or Prince of Scots want to create a unique pop-up experience for their customers, they turn to none other than Melissa Gonzalez from the Lion'esque Group to guide them through concept to execution. 

Not only has she helped create more than 70 pop-up retail experiences in New York City, Los Angeles and the Hamptons, she also sits on the board of advisors for the Storefront, a pop-up space marketplace, and is a co-founder of The Market, a pop-up retail and branding program.

For her work in helping create such outstanding pop-up experiences, Marc Jacobs was honored with the CLIO Image Award for experiential engagement, and J.Hilburn was recognized as a finalist for the New York Design Award for marketing and branded experiences. 

Clearly, she's a busy woman. But, we've been lucky to have her share her insights from the field in the form of blog posts spanning topics like how to plan a pop-up and designing immersive retail experiences all the way to case studies from merchants she's personally worked with. 

Today, however, we're excited to launch our new video series "How to Create a Successful Pop-Up Shop" featuring Melissa, where she breaks down everything you need to know to create an unforgettable temporary retail experience for your brand. 

What You'll Learn

The series is broken down into nine lessons that are organized as follows:

Here's the first lesson just as a taste of what you can expect from the series:

Watch the Full Series.

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