Season 1 Episode 07

Cardboard Desks, Mentors, and Advice From Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes

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Great businesses solve tough problems. In this episode of TGIM, you’ll meet an entrepreneur who created a successful company to solve his own back pain, you’ll hear if a social media makeover can save a toy company’s online store, and you’ll learn the one piece of advice you need to know before getting a mentor. Oh yeah - we’ll also show you how to get a rapper to lay down rhymes about your company... for five bucks.

Listen to the full episode above or dive into to this week's Shorts below.


The Secret to Hootsuite CEO’s Success is Cardboard

Ryan Holmes is the founder of the billion dollar social media service Hootsuite. Find out how this superstar CEO is learning lessons from the CEO of a very small start-up that sells $25 desks made out of cardboard.

Short notes:

Social Media Makeover

Nicole Benda is an entrepreneur with a problem. She makes kids puzzles and placemats. They sell really well in stores, but the online side of her business is struggling. Like many entrepreneurs, Nicole’s biggest challenge is understanding the world of social media. So much so, she’s thinking of shutting down her online store completely. So we paired her up with Rebecca Bollwitt, a successful blogger and coach, for a social media makeover. Then we followed them for a month to see if her online business can be saved.

Short notes:

Before You Get a Mentor, This is the ONE Thing You Need to Know

Many entrepreneurs believe mentors are vital to their success. Someone with more experience in business, who can answer questions, expand your network, help guide you through times of transition, and weigh in on big decisions. But before you get a mentor, you need to listen to this.

Short notes:

Rhymes, Movie Trailers, and Mascots: The Weirdest Things We Got For Five Bucks On Fiverr

As entrepreneurs, it always seems like there’s something that you need a bit of help with. And if you’re tight on cash, the online service Fiverr might be just your thing. It allows freelancers from almost any field you can imagine to offer their services for five bucks a project. So what exactly does five dollars get you? That’s what our team at Shopify was wondering. So we took a wad of fives and went shopping.

Short notes:

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