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Bi-Directional Integration: Orders and Inventory are kept in sync

Eliminates duplicate entry: Customer and order details automatically taken from the store to your ERP

Email Notifications: Notify users according to pre-defined rules

Eliminate Tedious Manual Duplicate Data Entry

Manual data entry is time-consuming . Automating your data transfer between ECommerce and ERP software frees up your team to handle more business-specific tasks.

Reduce Errors and Typos

Humans make mistakes, and mistakes cost money. Once you setup an automated task right, the result is total accuracy and peace of mind.

Connect Key Systems. ROI is fast.

Being in control of your ECommerce and ERP system is key to many organizations. Having these systems disconnected can cost money and cause huge inefficiencies. Integrating and automating these key systems is proven to have a fast ROI..

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