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ATTRAQT provides cloud-based and server-to-server SaaS solutions that maximize onsite search, online merchandising and eCommerce personalization for eCommerce retailers. With easy-to-use interfaces and effective technology, ATTRAQT helps retailers make their online shop as attractive and successful as their brick-and-mortar stores.

Understanding your customers' search behaviour is key to executing your strategy. ATTRAQT has been an Onsite Search leader for more than 15 years, offering retail customers fail-proof search, including real-time feedback as they type. We offer your customers fail-proof searching, including real-time feedback as they type. We speak your customers' language, and help you speak it, too. In fact, we're the only company that allows your customers to search in more than 40 languages.

ATTRAQT's online merchandising solutions will help you adjust your online visual merchandising to fulfil a targeted strategy, or create theme-based campaigns that display your products in logical and attractive rows. Whatever your objectives, ATTRAQT lets you place items and enhance rankings to make sure your shop always shines.

When you add that little extra touch, your customers notice and respond. Through extras such as personalized adjustments and personalized product recommendations, you can take up-sell and cross-sell to whole new levels. But as you step into the world of eCommerce personalization, it's important to choose a website personalization strategy that's right for your business.

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