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Who are we?

In 2013, two agencies with different knowledge and the same passion formed Arkade. Decades of experience combined with our clients in our mutual pursuit of using technology to create the best customer experiences. Ever since, Arkade has worked with some of Australia’s top retailers to help them recognise and unlock the value of their known customer gathered through the power of ecommerce, loyalty, apps, service and communications platforms.

Understanding how to increase the value of every transaction and interaction to understand lifetime value. Our clients can now divert inefficient ad spend on acquisition, to invest back into retaining known customers for a higher return and improved growth through genuine advocacy.

We leverage technology, people and physical brand locations to ensure customers have valuable, personal and long term relationships with brands. By doing this, we ensure that expensive traditional advertising is no longer the primary method for driving trade and growth.

With in-depth experience in the retail space, our expertise extends from defining brands' customer/loyalty strategies through to high-end technical proficiency in creating and maintaining ecommerce sites, mobile apps, loyalty platforms and bespoke software.

Arkade has worked with some of the most renowned brands in Australia and New Zealand, including Decjuba, Mimco, Tony Bianco, Review, Debenhams, Snooze, THR1VE, Postie+, Celebrity Slim, and the list goes on. Having created successful customer experience solutions and rewards programs for all of these brands and many more, we can rightly claim our authority as CX and loyalty experts.

Simply put, our experience has given us insights into tactics that change customer behaviour and create long term, mutually beneficial relationships.

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