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Angus Harris, Co-CEO of Harris Farm Markets

“Our website traffic has increased five times compared to pre-Shopify Plus. Our business is currently growing at a rate of approximately 20% quarterly. We now have 85,000 unique monthly visitors, and bring in an average of 900 orders per week.”

Angus HarrisCo-CEO of Harris Farm Markets

Direct to consumer

Hungry for growth

The future belongs to merchants with a multi-channel approach built on personalization, flexibility, and speed

Within 10 years, ecommerce will command 20% of the consumer packaged goods industry. Being slow to market with time-consuming builds and updates isn’t an option. Shopify Plus gives you the freedom to add and manage products, customize your site, and automate personal touches like discounts and gift wrapping… all with minimal code.

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Big appetite? No problem

Shopify Plus’ Wholesale Channel lets you create a password-protected site for tiered pricing and negotiated deals

Wholesale doesn’t have to be hard. Eliminate spreadsheets and sync your inventory automatically. Manage B2C and B2B sales from a single control panel. Create or integrate customer loyalty programs. Review and edit orders before invoicing. Replicate your site’s branding without customizing your theme or snippets. Give your high-volume customers the experience they want.


The perfect recipe for a mobile-first world

Shopify Plus’ responsive storefronts spread across all your customers’ screens effortlessly

Optimize the look and feel of your site regardless of device. Blend vibrant customer experiences with branded checkouts and made-for-mobile payment gateways like Apple Pay, PayPal, or Shopify Pay’s one-click confirmation. Connect in-store retail with mobile browsing to capture and engage your customer at every step in the purchase process.

Global to local

A homemade feel, with worldwide appeal

Create multiple storefronts tailored to your customer’s location, language, and cultural tastes

With Shopify Plus’ dual content delivery networks, you get speed and reliability no matter where your visitors come from. Track orders and inventory automatically by integrating your third-party systems with Shopify’s open API. Meet customers where they live with the personalization they expect.


Ready for the rush

Shopify Plus defines scalability and reliability

Process thousands of transactions a minute and hundreds of thousands in sales, without worrying about broken carts, crashed checkouts, or downtime.

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 3 million hits per second
  • 6,000 checkouts per minute
  • 99.98% uptime
  • Zero outages on Black Friday Cyber Monday
  • Fully automate campaigns and flash sales


From shares to sales with a few clicks

Sell natively on the networks where food and beverage thrive

Enable instant purchases through Facebook and Pinterest. Create a shoppable Instagram feed onsite. Run contests, leverage influencers, curate user-generated content, and highlight reviews with 1,500+ professionally built apps. Get conversational with Shopify Plus’ chat integrations on Messenger and Kik. Go everywhere your customers buy.


Look good enough to eat, and then let them

Move painlessly between online and offline commerce

Power pop-up shops, live events, and in-person shopping experiences. Sync your products, inventory, and customer data with Shopify’s universal POS. Cook up your own online solutions by customizing your storefront’s theme or enlist one of Shopify Plus’ award-winning agency Partners to help bring your vision to life.

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Cassie Smith, Jones Soda Ecommerce Manager

“I fell in love with the Shopify app structure. Implementing doesn’t require a big commitment or custom build, so we can experiment a ton and launch almost immediately.”

Cassie SmithJones Soda Ecommerce Manager

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