Trunkster handles millions in pre-orders and Shark Tank traffic surges to disrupt luggage

Trunkster is disrupting the luggage industry on Shopify Plus

In 2014, Trunkster launched their brand on Kickstarter and became an overnight success. On the surface, it appeared as if Trunkster was on the verge of conquering the Goliaths of the luggage industry.

Innovative products — such as suitcases with zipperless entry, USB charging, GPS tracking, and embedded digital scales — along with smarter, better design, made them fan favorites. But the move from successful crowdfunding to viable business is one that many companies fail to make.

As Shopify Plus merchants, Trunkster could…

  • Launch their website quickly
  • Drive millions of dollars in pre-order sales
  • Reallocate their budget to focus on product and design
  • Handle peak traffic loads thanks to a Shark Tank appearance

“Shopify Plus and crowdfunding are a match made in heaven.”

Gaston BlanchetCo-Founder of Trunkster


Thousands of pre-orders were coming in every day, and Trunkster had generated over $1.4 million in revenue. A growing community of brand advocates had formed and were spreading the word about Trunkster online.

The Trunkster founders were thrilled, but they hadn’t anticipated such fast growth. What they needed was to quickly iron out important logistic details — like ecommerce sales, shipping, and fulfillment.

To do this, they sought out an ecommerce platform that would help them launch quickly and handle high traffic volumes. They also needed a solution that would be easy to customize as they scaled their business.

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To do all that, Trunkster partnered with Shopify Plus. The platform’s ease-of-use allowed Trunkster’s founders to focus on product design and development, rather than building a website and constantly worrying about technology.

The power of Shopify Plus’ scalability was especially apparent when Trunkster’s founders pitched their product on the popular TV show, Shark Tank.

Website traffic and product orders when through the roof as thousands visited their website after watching the show. Shopify Plus was able to seamlessly handle those surges and provide customers with a smooth shopping experience.

This meant the founders didn’t have to build their own ecommerce platform from the ground up, but could instead focus on their product. Shopify Plus’ unlimited bandwidth allowed Trunkster to launch and scale while providing a high-quality customer experience.


Trunkster collected thousands of pre-orders and millions in revenue before their product even launched. Using Shopify Plus, the founders were able to put those funds towards manufacturing without compromising on quality.

With the technology taken care of, Trunkster immediately began designing their next product, the Trunkster Flex — a high-end, soft-sided bag with a compression system travelers can activate with the click of a button.

Trunkster’s innovative luggage with removable battery and USB charger

“While entrepreneurship is extremely challenging, because of partners like Shopify Plus, there’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. They’re an invaluable resource for us.”

Gaston BlanchetCo-Founder of Trunkster

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