Why Death Wish Coffee integrated its ERP system with Shopify Plus to scale for the Super Bowl

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Established in 2010, Death Wish Coffee sells what it calls the strongest coffee in the world and recently integrated its ERP system with Shopify Plus to scale faster and, capitalize on the company’s Super Bowl 50 commercial, and achieve the following results:

  • A quarter million dollars in sales — $2,083 a minute — in the two hours after the Super Bowl
  • 200% year over year top line growth
  • Subscription offering that generates recurring revenue
  • Wholesale business that sells to major grocers

We don’t want the Super Bowl to define us. The Super Bowl commercial was a great spotlight but we were doubling sales every year prior to it.

Kane GroganCustomer Service Manager, Death Wish Coffee


The accelerated growth Gymshark was experiencing from its inception through 2015 required a platform that could handle significant spikes in traffic and grow in lockstep with the brand. But Ben and the Gymshark team quickly regretted their decision to choose Magento as their commerce platform, in part, because of the length of time it took to get up and running.

“It took six to eight months just to build the site,” Ben recalls. “By the time the site was finished we had doubled in size and had already outgrown the site.”

The situation quickly went from bad to worse as the Magento site that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build and maintain crashed on the grandest stage of all for a retailer; Black Friday. The site, according to Ben, was down for eight hours and cost Gymshark an estimated £100,000.

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Death Wish ultimately recovered from the meltdown, in part, by replatforming with Shopify Plus where its business has become increasingly complex selling through multiple channels and with inventory scattered across its own warehouse, third party warehouses, and a distribution center. Recently, the company was gearing up for another massive spike in traffic as it had won a contest offering a free commercial in the Super Bowl.

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With Plus’ ability to scale on demand, Death Wish Coffee easily handled the more than 150,000 Super Bowl viewers flooding the company’s site all at once to place orders. Importantly, Brown and his team had also recently integrated their ERP system with Plus to track inventory across multiple locations and channels and provide a single automated report Brown can use to determine how his business is performing in real time.

“The data we have is scattered in twenty different places but with the integration all of the data is automatically consolidated and right there at my fingertips,” Brown says.


Integrating Plus with Death Wish Coffee’s ERP system has positioned Brown to make higher quality business decisions much faster than before. Additionally, Death Wish Coffee also credits Plus with easily scaling to handle the Super Bowl sized traffic that resulted in the most lucrative two hour period in the company’s history.

All told, Death Wish Coffee is experiencing 200% year over year top line growth as well as successfully launching a subscription service and a wholesale business that sells to major grocers.

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The ability to more rapidly make better business decisions combined with a commerce platform that can reliably scale when it counts has positioned the Death Wish Coffee team to double down on what it does best: customer service.

“We’re evolving into more of a lifestyle brand and want to be over the top with our customer service because the customer calls the shots today and they’re the reason we’re here,” Grogan says. “We really want to offer customers a meaningful one-on-one interaction with Death Wish Coffee.”

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