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Two days prior to retiring from the NFL, future Hall of Fame running back Marshawn Lynch decided to open Beast Mode, a boutique apparel store to complement the ecommerce business he built selling branded apparel.

Since partnering with Shopify Plus to scale on demand and simultaneously process orders online and offline, Beast Mode has posted the following results:

  • Sales increased 310% compared to the same period last year
  • Online sales spiked after the physical store opened
  • Online engagement increased 150%
  • More than two thousand orders have been placed


Opening a physical store in his hometown of Oakland is a risk Lynch did not have to take. Lynch grew up in a rough part of town plagued by drugs, gangs, and violence and wanted to offer the community a role model and business it could be proud of. Lynch also needed the endeavor to be a financial success if he was to fulfill his mission of donating a portion of the money he earned to help less fortunate children in the Bay area.

“Here’s a guy who doesn’t need to do this, doesn’t have to work this hard,” Grossbach says. “He’s a beacon for hope and change in a place that’s not always easy to live for children, and Marshawn has never forgotten that.”

Opening a boutique would require robust technology capable of seamlessly merging the digital and physical worlds to create three dimensional customer experiences reflective of the Beast Mode brand. “Everyone has another gear,” Grossbach explains. “It’s mostly a mindset, that drives you to perform doing whatever you do beyond even your own expectations”

A Beast Mode grey women’s athletic top.
A navy blue Beast Mode t-shirt.

I was really nervous before the store opening. There was just a lot of nail biting. I didn’t know if enough people would show up. It could be embarrassing.

Mitch GrossbachCEO, M3/Fashion and Lynch’s business partner


Worried at first that no one would show up for the grand opening, Grossbach was relieved to find hundreds of people lined up outside the store hours before it was scheduled to open. However, he was even more relieved to see that a team from Shopify Plus, POS systems in hand, had flown to Oakland to stand side by side with Lynch to process hundreds of orders within the first few minutes of opening.

Beast Mode customer story photo 3

“It was just a banner day,” Grossbach says of the store launch. “It was pandemonium, and really emotional for all of us to be a part of something so special.”

The feat is even more impressive when you consider Lynch’s brick and mortar store lacks a permanent WiFi connection and had never before accepted customer payments. To adapt, the Plus team brought in portable internet hot-spots and three POS equipped iPads to handle an estimated one thousand customers.


“Shopify handled the wave, no problem,” Grossbach says. “Thankfully, it all went so well. We’re really happy with how it turned out.” Since positioning merchants like Lynch to sell anywhere and access centralized reporting that illustrates both online and offline sales in real time, Lynch’s omnichannel approach has resulted in combined sales in the six figures.

In addition, sales have increased 310% compared to the same period last year. Both online sales and engagement — an increase of 150% — spiked after the physical store opened and more than two thousand orders have been placed.

“We have a rock solid solution,” Grossbach says. “Shopify Plus is absolutely in beast mode, and I trust it in any scenario.”

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