INFJs as entrepreneurs

INFJs are incredibly rare, which is a shame because altruism is one of their most defining traits. If they engage in entrepreneurship, it’s likely to be a social enterprise driven by their desire to help other people.

Their creativity and passion are best put towards a cause that benefits humanity and makes them feel like they’re giving back to the world. This shows in the way they communicate their ideas to others, winning them over with warmth and passion, which can be more persuasive than the usual business pitch.

INFJs fall short when it comes to handling disputes, though. They seek to avoid conflict even at the expense of reaching a verdict on the original issue. Naturally, this attitude towards heated discussions can end up being counterproductive.

Their private nature means they’re probably uncomfortable with the notion of building a personal brand that they can use to push their business forward. This might make them a more behind-the-scenes entrepreneur who works with and relies on a capable team of diverse individuals.

The grass can always be greener for INFJs, which means they relentlessly pursue perfection. While this can be good, it can also stifle the success of their venture if they don’t learn how to ship the bare minimum to validate an idea before pursuing perfection.

Their strong ethics can also affect their approach to marketing if they can’t compromise in this area to promote their business. If they want to use business as a tool for creating change, they need to change the way they look at marketing.

However, an INFJ who can overcome these challenges has the power to change the world—and make a living that they can feel good about.

“You are indebted to life until you help some less fortunate person, just as you were helped.”

Melinda Gates, INFJ

INFJs’ strengths and weaknesses



They envision a better world for everyone, which makes them intrinsically suited to harnessing business as a means of bettering humanity.


They favour action and follow-through upon careful planning, which is an important quality for any entrepreneur.

Passionate communicators:

Their passion and warmth comes through in their written and oral communication, which can help them “sell” their ventures simply by being honest about how they feel.



They might burn out if they don’t pace themselves on their entrepreneurial journey.

Rigid ethics

The INFJ feels uncomfortable compromising their ethics, which results in an aversion to aggressive marketing tactics that are often necessary for success in business.

Shys away from conflict

This can spell trouble when hard calls need to be made that relate to other people.

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