ESFJs as entrepreneurs

ESFJs combine their extraversion with a noticeably warm heart and cooperative attitude. This cocktail of friendly characteristics makes them awesome networkers and public speakers.

They focus much of their energy on the thoughts and feelings of others, ensuring that clients, employees, and coworkers feel valued at all times. Notably, this usually means that ESFJs are excellent at writing empathetic sales and marketing copy, and are a dab hand when it comes to social media marketing.

A harmonious lifestyle is something they aspire for, and they leverage their strong money management skills to help achieve that, as they rarely spend frugally or invest impulsively.

Furthermore, ESFJs enjoy honing their practical skills by having a hands-on approach towards their work life. Thus, outsourcing projects is always their last resort.

As for their weaknesses, ESFJs are often too selfless. They hate to disappoint people, and this trait can get in the way of them making vital – albeit difficult – business decisions.

They also feel uneasy about change, and prefer a life of structure over a life of self reliant freedom. Obviously, an entrepreneurial lifestyle juxtaposes all of that, and so ESFJs would need extra time and effort to adapt.

ESFJs may not have all the tell-tale traits of a typical entrepreneur, but their compassionate approach to business may serve them well in social enterprises or ventures dedicated to solving a personal pain point their customers can relate to. That way, they can spread their entrepreneurial wings in a way that actively helps society.

“Don't be intimidated by what you don't know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.”

Sara Blakely, ESFJ

ESFJs’ strengths and weaknesses


Focuses on others

They put the feelings of others before their own, which makes them attentive team leaders.

Money management

Saving money comes naturally to them, and they are not impulsive buyers or investors.

Strong practical skills

They like to take a hands-on approach to business.


Too selfless

Their selflessness can be taken advantage of, and bad business decisions can be made in order to please others.


A natural aversion to risk can make it difficult for them to make the initial leap into entrepreneurship.

Likes structure

An entrepreneurial lifestyle is not the most structured, so it will take time for an ESFJ to adapt.

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