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Building a profitable web design and development business with Shopify

Shopify Partners: Building a Profitable Web Design and Development Business with Shopify

Deciding to launch your own web design or development firm can be a scary undertaking. You’ll be frequently challenged to find new clients, complete projects on time, and drive revenue to keep the lights running and food on the table. But it’s in these moments of perseverance – the ones that come with pursuing your entrepreneurial dream – that the reward of web design consulting truly reveals itself.

At Shopify, we understand the unique challenges that come with running your own web design firm. We work with thousands of freelancers, consultants, and agencies like you to help navigate these obstacles and build successful businesses each and every day. We’re not only a product merchants love, but a partnership freelancers and agencies can build their business on.

Enter the Shopify Partner Program.

The Shopify Partner Program is filled with designers, developers, agency owners, and creatives of all types who see Shopify as their ecommerce platform of choice when working on client projects. It’s our mission to provide you with the tools, support, and guidance needed to find new clients, design beautiful ecommerce experiences, and build sustainable businesses for the long-term.

The easiest way to join our growing ecosystem is by signing up to become a Shopify Partner (don’t worry — it’s free to join). You’ll get access to tons of valuable resources including in-depth documentation, workshops and training, private discussion forums, and early insights into Shopify’s product roadmap — everything you need to start your journey to becoming a trusted Shopify Expert.

While we’re certain you’ll love the resources and support that come with being a Shopify Partner, you’ll also see the impact on your bottom line. As our partner, you’ll earn recurring passive income for every merchant you bring onto Shopify (or every app or theme you sell). You’ll receive a revenue share of your client’s monthly Shopify subscription plan, as long as they stay on the platform and you remain active in the program. You can also earn revenue shares for each theme sold through the Shopify Theme Store, and for each app sold in the Shopify App Store.

Together, these opportunities have enabled thousands of Shopify Partners to pursue their dreams, and find success running profitable web design or development businesses. And with more than 500,000 merchants trusting Shopify for their ecommerce needs, the opportunity to find success within our partner ecosystem continues to grow.

We hope that you’ll seize this opportunity and join us as our next Shopify Partner.

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The Shopify Partners Team aims to help your freelance or agency business grow by fostering a supportive partner ecosystem and providing all the tools you need to succeed.

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