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Build a profitable web design business

You’re so lucky to be reading this book.

I built my first website for $50 in 1998, and I started my first business in 2012. The 14 years between were a long, drawn-out process of research and development, observing how all the companies I worked for ran the business side. I did some of the best work of my life for reputable clients, only to see my friends get laid off because we weren’t profitable enough.

I’ve lived through almost getting sued because we had the wrong clauses in an agreement. I’ve gone into debt during my most remunerative years because I didn’t know how to manage my finances. I experimented for years with different pricing methodologies because I had no idea where to start. I’ve been disappointed to watch my teams lose work to under-qualified competitors because our proposal-writing skills weren’t up to snuff.

Fortunately, I’ve iterated my way out of many of those bad habits, because the school of hard knocks is an excellent teacher. But you know who else are excellent teachers? Teachers. And this book features 11 of them, ready to share their valuable lessons with you, so that you can sidestep the mistakes they made to get to these insights.

You don’t need 14 years of doing it poorly to gain the knowledge to run a fulfilling and lucrative business. You’re staring at a book containing aggregate learnings that took years of experience to accrue. You’re just a few hours of reading away from all the excellent tips and tricks that will help you avoid the pitfalls so many of us stumble into.

Use this wisdom to give yourself a jump on the competition, as a foundation of great practices to build upon. These chapters aren’t shortcuts to a great business; they’re an accelerant. You’ll still have to do hard work to take the journey, but this book is rocket fuel.

I wish something like this would’ve been around when I started. You’re so lucky to be reading this book.

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About the author

Dan Mall s a creative director and advisor from Philadelphia. He’s the founder of design collective SuperFriendly, CEO of gig-sharing platform SuperBooked, and author of A Book Apart’s Pricing Design.

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