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A Day in the Life of a Shopify Partner

A Day in the Life of a Shopify Partner


In February, we sent an email to a handful of partners and asked them to share a short video explaining their experience working as a Shopify Partner. We received several amazing submissions, but one stood out from all the rest. 

Meet Johnny Helleland, a freelance web designer and Shopify Expert from Norway.

In his video, Johnny gives us a glimpse into his life as a freelance web designer and explains how Shopify has played a part in his success. Check it out!

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10 Outstanding Ecommerce Website Designs for Creative Inspiration

10 Outstanding Ecommerce Website Designs for Creative Inspiration

Ecommerce website design

Over the past few months, we’ve been sharing our favourite ecommerce website designs over Twitter using the hashtag #partnerpicks. From playful and fresh, to spine-tinglingly splendid, these websites are great examples of excellence in ecommerce website design.

Today, we’re gathering together our favourites to bring you some scintillating visual inspiration. We hope these sites inspire you to take your next ecommerce website designs to the next level. Feast your eyes!

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11 Inspirational Art and Photography Ecommerce Website Designs

11 Inspirational Art and Photography Ecommerce Website Designs

Ecommerce Website Design

Today's collection of ecommerce websites features eleven stunning online stores selling art and photography. To refer to these websites simply as "online stores," however, is an understatement. They are art galleries that have been carefully and conscientiously arranged to display each work of art in the best light. 

In no particular order then, here are our favourite ecommerce website designs showcasing fine art and photography.

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99 Beautiful Ecommerce Website Designs

99 Beautiful Ecommerce Website Designs

Ecommerce Website Design

One of the key differentiators for merchants in our digital age is the way they represent themselves online, and the experience their customers have when buying. Ecommerce web designers have a huge role to play in the success of online retailers.

Today, we’re proud to bring you the ultimate list of stunning ecommerce website designs. Did we feature your design? Read on to find out!

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Last Chance to Enter Your Clients in the Shopify Build A Business Competition

Last Chance to Enter Your Clients in the Shopify Build A Business Competition

The deadline for clients to enter Shopify’s annual Build A Business Competition is almost here! If you created a custom design for one of the six winning Shopify Merchants’ stores, you’ll take home $10,000 USD along with a handful of other prizes, including a listing in our Shopify Experts Marketplace.
We’ve compiled everything you need to help you and your clients rise to the top in the final weeks of the competition.

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Introducing the Ecommerce Design Awards 2016: Enter for a Chance to Win a Trip to NYC to 10x Your Design Skills

Introducing the Ecommerce Design Awards 2016: Enter for a Chance to Win a Trip to NYC to 10x Your Design Skills

Update: After reviewing thousands of jaw-dropping entries, the verdict is in! Check out who won the 2016 Ecommerce Design Awards.

What do you think of when you think of great ecommerce design?

Is it an eye-catching home or product page? A great mobile experience? Lightening- quick site speed?

It’s not easy to build an online store that is both functional and beautiful. Great ecommerce design requires an understanding of buyer psychology; knowledge of CSS, Javascript, and Liquid; and a reliable platform to build on. It takes long hours sketching flows; building wireframes; consulting with clients; and sometimes scrapping everything to start all over again.

We want to recognize the visionaries who are taking ecommerce design to new heights and redefining the way people sell online.

That’s why we started the Ecommerce Design Awards.

And that’s why, this year, we’re taking four creative visionaries to New York City to help them 10x their design skills.

Win exclusive mentorship in NYC from InVision, net magazine, and Shopify

This year, we’re teaming up with InVision and Net Magazine to offer a bigger-than-ever grand prize to four winners: a two-day, all-expenses-paid trip to New York City to receive hands-on creative mentorship from industry-leading experts.

Ecommerce Design Awards: Judges

If you’ve built an original design for a Shopify store, this is your chance to 10x your skills as an ecommerce designer. Submit stores with show-stopping aesthetics, seamless integrations, and flawless functionality — and you could win your way to New York City.

More ways to win

Winners will be selected based on the overall aesthetics, creativity, and usability of the site. The four grand prizes will be awarded to:

  • The best overall ecommerce site
  • The best homepage
  • The best product page
  • The best responsive site / mobile experience

We’ll also choose 10 honourable mentions to feature on the Shopify Web Design and Development Blog.  

The rules

  • You must be a Shopify Partner in order to enter. (To create a Shopify Partner account, click here.)
  • You must reside in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Spain, Denmark, New Zealand or Australia. (Competition legislation requires us to consult with legal counsel in each eligible country; we did so with the countries where we currently have the highest number of partners.)
  • You must create a custom theme for the store.
  • You must obtain the store owner's permission to enter their store design in the competition. 
  • The store must have have launched between September 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.

How to enter

First of all, you need a Shopify Partners account, which you can set up here for free. Once that’s done, you can enter the competition through your Partner Dashboard. 

Click on the Design Awards banner at the top of your Partner Dashboard and submit the URL of a site you’ve already launched.

Ecommerce Design Awards: Partner Dashboard

Ecommerce Design Awards: Partner Dashboard

Unable to enter your store?

Perhaps you've done a recent redesign on a site that went live before the competition period. If you’re not permitted to submit your store through your Partner Dashboard, but you have a case as to why you think your store should be eligible, send an email with details to courtney@shopify.com with your store's URL and we’ll manually enter you into the competition.

The competition is open!

Show us how you’re taking ecommerce design to new heights. As long as your design meets the eligibility criteria, there’s no limit to the number of shops you can enter into the competition. Submit your designs today!

Questions? Take a look at our official Terms & Conditions.

Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? Ask us in the comments below.

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Here’s What Happened at Unite, Shopify’s First Partner and Developer Conference

Here’s What Happened at Unite, Shopify’s First Partner and Developer Conference

Unite Roundup Livestream

Shopify Unite 2018

Tickets for Unite 2018 are sold out! In the coming weeks, we’ll have more information on how you can take part virtually in Shopify’s third annual Partner and Developer Conference, running May 7-9. In the meantime, relive the magic of last year’s conference.

Watch last year's keynotes

Last week we kicked-off our inaugural Partner and Developer Conference:

Unite. Hundreds of partners from around the world joined us in San Francisco for two days of inspirational talks and dynamic conversations that explored Shopify’s roadmap and the future of commerce. In the words of Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke, “it was probably the most overdue conference in the tech industry.”


One of the biggest takeaways from the conference was how important our partner ecosystem is to the success of our platform. That’s why we decided to livestream the main stage talks on Day 1 of the conference — to share the action with all of our partners who couldn’t be at Unite in person. It’s also why we recorded all of the main stage talks and gathered them together to share with you today.

In case you weren’t able to tune in during the livestream — or if you just want to relive the excitement — here are the recordings of the main stage presentations and product announcements from Day 1 of Unite.

Create more value than you capture: The Shopify Partner Ecosystem — COO Harley Finkelstein

Harley Finkelstein, Shopify’s COO, explains the importance of Shopify’s Partner and Developer ecosystem.

The future of commerce — CEO Tobi Lütke

In this keynote, Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke shares Shopify’s vision for the future.

Introducing the Online Store Editor & Scripts — Jean-Michel Lemieux

Jean-Michel Lemieux, Senior Vice-President of Engineering, demos the new Online Store Editor and Shopify Scripts. The Online Store Editor will give designers the ability to build more innovative, customizable, and merchant-friendly themes, while Shopify Scripts will allow designers to write server side code on Shopify, giving them even greater control over the way their online store functions.

Add commerce to any site with the Javascript Buy SDK — Monika Piotrowicz

Monika Piotrowicz, Director of Front End Development, introduces the JavaScript Buy SDK. This SDK allows designers and developers to add buy buttons to any website — including WordPress and Squarespace, or JavaScript apps.

Build for mobile with the iOS and Android Buy SDKs — Brandon Chu

Brandon Chu, Product Manager at Shopify, introduces Shopify’s iOS and Android Buy SDKs. These SDKs will allow developers to create native mobile shopping experiences, and include Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Introducing the new Sales Channel SDK — Satish Kanwar

Satish Kanwar, Director of Product at Shopify, introduces the new Sales Channel SDK. Starting today, developers can begin building new sales channels for Shopify, so merchants can use Shopify to sell anywhere their customers are.

AMA with Tobi Lütke

Director of Apps, Atlee Clark sits down with Shopify CEO and founder Tobi Lütke for an Ask Me Anything session. Questions range from how prominent computer programming is in his daily routine to the significance of Virtual Reality on the future of commerce. 

Here’s what our partners are saying about Unite

Apart from the crazy amount of social chatter on Twitter and Instagram, a few of partners wrote some detailed reviews of their experience at Unite. Check out what they had to say!

My Shopify Unite Download by Deb Hopkins, The Genie Lab.

Shopify Unite Recap by Gavin Ballard, DiscoLabs.

Thank you to the Shopify team #ShopifyUnite by Andrew Chan, Aftership.

Mircoapps at Shopify Unite by microapps.  

The Future of Commerce: 4 Things We Learned at Shopify Unite by Matthew Bertulli, Demac Media.

That’s a wrap!

Unite 2016 was an amazing experience and we can’t wait to do it all again. Want to make sure you’re there in 2017? Sign-up to our Unite mailing list to be the first to receive exclusive updates about next year’s conference.

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