12 Beautiful Portfolio Websites to Inspire Your Own Design

12 Beautiful Portfolio Websites to Inspire Your Own Design

beautiful portfolio websites

Your portfolio website is arguably the most important channel you have for promoting your business.

It’s often the first touchpoint a prospective client will have with your brand, and they’ll use that initial interaction to assess your skill and expertise as a web designer or developer. As with most budding relationships, their first impression of your business can influence whether or not you land a new contract.

In the eyes of a prospect, the quality of your own website’s design can be seen as a direct reflection of the quality of your client work. If your site is poorly designed and offers a clunky user experience, they’ll worry that their site will look and perform the same way if they hire you.

But the best portfolio sites are not just beautifully designed, they also serve a very functional purpose. They need to show off your existing work through well-constructed case studies, and include an optimized contact page to facilitate client intake. Above all, they need to display your unique brand as a creative — whether you’re a freelancer or an agency.

We’ve collected some of our favorite agency websites from the Shopify Partner ecosystem that elegantly blend creativity and function into one beautiful package. We hope they inspire your own creative thinking and lead you to revisit the importance of your own site.

Feast your eyes!

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1. DBNY — New York City, USA

beautiful portfolio websites: DBNY agency portfolio design

2. Growth Spark — Boston, USA

beautiful portfolio websites: Growth Spark agency portfolio design

3. Hectare — Melbourne, Australia

beautiful portfolio websites: Hectare agency portfolio design

4. Huemor — New York City, USA

beautiful portfolio websites: Huemor agency portfolio design

5. Lemonade — New York City, USA

beautiful portfolio websites: Lemonade agency portfolio design

6. Love + Money — Collingwood, Australia

beautiful portfolio websites: Love + Money agency portfolio design

7. Pixelcabin — London, United Kingdom

beautiful portfolio websites: Pixel Cabin agency portfolio design

8. Pixel Supply — Miami, USA

beautiful portfolio websites: Pixelsupply agency portfolio design

9. Rocket Code — Columbus, USA

beautiful portfolio websites: Rocketcode agency portfolio design

10. SeedCMS — Irvine, USA

beautiful portfolio websites: SeedCMS agency portfolio design

11. SOVI Creative — Toronto, Canada

beautiful portfolio websites: SOVI Creative agency portfolio design

12. Strawberry — Hull, United Kingdom

beautiful portfolio websites: Strawberry agency portfolio design

Are you proud of your portfolio website? Show it off in the comments below and we may feature it in our next roundup!

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