Marketing to Generation X? Here's What They're Watching on Youtube

Marketing to Generation X? Here's What They're Watching on Youtube

Generation X - born between early-to-mid 1960s and ending birth years ranging from the late 1970s to early 1980s.

OId enough to remember a time before the rapid rise of technology, young enough to adapt, this demographic doesn't often get discussed and is overlooked in favor of the larger cohorts they're sandwiched between; Boomers and Millennials. 

However, according to research firm Pixability, Generation X accounts for over 1.5 Billion of Youtube's  5 Billion views every day!

Here's what they're watching:

1. Generation X Embraces Nostalgia

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News, events, iconic performances, and a lot more, historically, has been an oral tradition. 

Generation X however, uses Youtube to reflect on the past, watching everything from commercials from their childhood to television clips and former musical performances. 

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What This Means For You:

While you may not be using "Purple Rain" in your upcoming youtube video, the search behaviors on Youtube indicate that incorporating - more broadly - Nostalgia in campaign based strategies, can help you to stand out. 

Are there ways you can use the iconography, imagery, and general aesthetic from the late 80's and early 90's to appeal to Generation X buyers?

Taken a step further, what about themed pop-up shops or flash sales?


2. Generation X Uses Youtube to Keep Track of Current Events

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With trends shifting towards more mobile consumption, longer commute times, and the decline in traditional television viewership, it's not entirely surprising that nearly 70% of Generation Xers included in the survey are using Youtube to stay current with what's going on in the world. 

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What This Means For You:

What larger community is your business a part of?

For a hockey equipment retailer, there are opportunities to create a youtube show that focuses on the highlights of recent hockey events. For a home-goods retailer, a show that focuses on design trends and inspiration.

How can you align your brand to keep up on the current events that are also a part of your customer's lives.    


3. Gen X Uses Youtube For DIY Projects

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Learning how to take on a new skill is important to nearly 3/4 of Generation Xers, and using Youtube means it can be done at their own pace. 

This is a generation with one or two working parents, so self-starting and independence are a large part of their identity - especially since they have the means and relative comfort to learn and do new things.


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What This Means For You:

There's a strong content marketing play for businesses of all types here where you can show the product in action.

Whether you're discussing how to build a deck, or how to decorate a room, you can create a series that focuses on building the skill, and puts your product as a solution to make that skill a reality. 

What All of This Means For Brands

The research found that 75% of all Gen Xers watched Youtube at least monthly from any device, and 64% bought a product when learning how to do something. The shift in attention to Youtube means there's a massive opportunity for brands who are investing in their Youtube strategies. 


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