So, Can Shopify Plus Really Handle High-Volume Traffic?

So, Can Shopify Plus Really Handle High-Volume Traffic?


It's a common concern really. One we get asked all the time.

"Isn't Shopify just for small business?"

"Can Shopify really handle high-volume?"

"Pffft, a cloud-based SaaS solution that's intuitive & easy to use... Couldn't possibly handle the stress of high-traffic loads without getting crushed... right?"

With news outlets like CNBC reporting several major brands crashing on Black Friday & Cyber Monday, we totally understand why its difficult to believe.

But take a look at the numbers...

Here's the volume Shopify processed between Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2015:


  • 24 Billion activities processed
  • 1,800/min Peak order volume
  • 93 Millisecond average response time
  • 147 Countries covered
  • 100% Uptime
  • 0 Angry calls to I.T 

What's the verdict? 

Shopify handles high-volume traffic without breaking a sweat.

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