Why Your Shopify Plus Success Manager is Your Secret Weapon

Why Your Shopify Plus Success Manager is Your Secret Weapon

One of the standout features of Shopify Plus is that each account gets its own dedicated Merchant Success Manager. The problem with replatforming from a service where you aren’t used to having a success manager is that you don’t always know what to do with one, now that you have someone to talk to.

In general, client interactions with Merchant Success Managers tend to fall into six categories:

  1. SSL certificates
  2. Design modifications and agency referrals
  3. Feature requests and other feedback
  4. Expansion of your store
  5. Custom app features
  6. Custom integrations

Vanity SSL

As a Shopify Plus customer, you already have an SSL certificate on your checkout. But your success manager can help you set up a custom SSL on checkout at your domain name.

That way, it’s branded to your site, rather than checkout.shopify.com. It creates a more professional, trustworthy experience overall for your customer.

Design Modifications & Agency Referrals

Through internal and external channels, both by answering questions and connecting you with partners, your Shopify success manager can get your shop exactly the way you want it.

If you’re not sure how to do something that you could do on your old platform (say, checkout customization), they’ll help you out. If it comes to it, they’ll give you the hookup with the best of the best Shopify design partners — world class ones — to get a top-tier branding experience that you can pass on to your customers.

Features Requests & Other Feedback

Have a feature request?

Your success manager will act as your advocate internally to push for the features you’d like to see, as they have very close connections with the Plus development team. In addition to that, every feature request is added to a pool of requests that are specific to Shopify Plus clients, that’s directly monitored by the development team. They take every type of feedback into account — if there’s something you’re not a fan of or don't use very much, you can give them a heads up about that, too.

Multi-Regional Store Expansion

Let’s say you’re running a business in Canada. You’ve only ever sold to Canada, or you’ve sold from Canada to all over the world. It’s an inconvenience to everyone — customers have to do currency conversions and deal with longer wait times.

Your Shopify Plus success manager can help you fix that by setting up a regional store, so that people in the United States are paying in USD, people in Great Britain are paying in GBP, and so on. This is great for stores with a large international presence, like Hawkers (read their case study here).

Custom API Features

Using our Plus Exclusive APIs, you’ll be able to combine the functionality that we already offer, with what your business needs.

For example, let’s say a customer signs up for an email campaign. As a thank you, you want to offer a unique discount code that will only work for that one person one time, and that is sent to them automatically via your email marketing platform. Having access to the API (which your success manager can grant you) will let you do that.

For another example, if you have a web forum with an active community and regular visitors, you can use the Multipass capabilities that are available through Shopify Plus to allow your visitors to login in to your Shopify website, and stay logged in on the forum, as well.  

And, if you sell in high volumes and need to up your API calls for your app to work properly, or work more efficiently, you can work with your success manager to boost the API calls.

Custom Integrations

The most diverse area of what your success manager can help with is custom integrations. Some of the things that fall under the “custom integrations” umbrella are:

  • Adding a Facebook tracking pixel for your Facebook ad campaigns (to track conversions and keep stronger metrics for your campaigns)
  • Adding any code necessary to run other pay-per-click campaigns effectively
  • Setting up a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other sales channel
  • Helping you become a Google Trusted Store

For something more complex, like setting up an integration with your ERP system, your success manager can give you getting-started pointers, and also refer you to a specific, trusted partner who does just those types of integrations. That way, you don’t wind up working with someone who will do a less-than-stellar job.

Your success manager can also recommend a specific app that already integrates with Shopify Plus, that fits your needs. And if the app or software you’re using has an open/documented API, they can help you get it set up to integrate with your shop.

Support You Might Not Even Know You Need (Until You Do)

Last but not least, our success managers often take the role of confidante and sounding board. Entrepreneurship is stressful — we all know that, but it’s often more stressful than anticipated, once you’re in it. Anything we can do to help give you peace of mind, we will. 

Is your current ecommerce solution providing that much support? Thinking of replatforming? Get in touch with someone from the Plus team today to find out how much better things can get.

About the Author

Michelle Nickolaisen is a freelance writer and business owner based in Austin, TX.