9 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast

9 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast

If you want to be successful in business, as a business executive or even as an entrepreneur, your day should start well before breakfast. If you make a few changes to your morning routine, you will be more motivated throughout the day to complete more tasks and be more productive. These nine examples are parts of everyday routines, before breakfast, of some of the most successful people in business.

1. Exercise

Exercising helps get your body moving. It increases your heart rate and moves adrenaline through your body so that you are eager and ready to start the day. A good 30-minute workout that includes cardio is something many successful people do before breakfast.

2. Set Priority Goals

In every successful person’s life, there are goals. But, what is more important is daily priority goals. These are items that can be in an early morning email or leftover from the previous day that are urgent. Priorities can make or break a business, and choosing to use a priority goal list each day helps increase productivity. You should also set a weekly, monthly, and annual priority goals list. The smaller milestones help reach the larger goals and are a better measurement of continued and improved success.

3. Take care of Emails

It is estimated that about 50-percent of successful business executives check emails before having breakfast. In terms of entry-level employees, only about 39-percent check and return emails before they eat. What this does is helps you prioritize your day and create a list of the most important people to contact and the most important business-related tasks that need to be handled every day.

4. Hydrate

To be successful, you have to know how to take care of your body. This includes starting your daily hydration routine before you eat anything. Coffee, tea, and juice are common to have with breakfast, but you should have a full glass of water before food. It also helps you digest your breakfast meal. Some say that a glass of water before a meal, including breakfast, helps you eat less to control portions and overeating.

5. Disconnect from Technology

One important thing that ridiculously successful people do before 8 a.m. is disconnect from technology. It is important to spend time with your family and your spouse/partner before you do anything business related. They need that time every day, because it is not always available in the evening. Being successful in business also means being successful at home by creating a proper work/life balance.

6. Make the Bed

Get into the habit of making the bed. Just rolling out of bed and getting dressed for work is a rush process that leaves you unprepared for the day’s events. As soon as you have finished brushing your teeth and using the restroom, make your bed. The bed should be made before you even make it to the shower or have your first sip of coffee.

7. Daily List of Thanks

Writing down a few things that you are grateful or thankful for is something that successful people do first thing in the morning. It helps determine a clear perspective for the day. You can include things, opportunities, people, and/or places in your list. There are no right or wrong answers. Write down what you are grateful for and why, then include these things in your daily routine to have a successful day.

8. Think Big in the Shower

While this may seem odd, a morning shower is a great opportunity for you to think big thoughts and have big goals for yourself for the day. This is one of the most common things that successful people do before breakfast. It is scientifically proven that the combination of dopamine and warm or hot water triggers the brain to be more creative and relaxed.

9. View the Local Morning News

Being up-to-date on what is happening both locally and around the world is important. Businesses can capitalize on current events. It can also help a successful businessperson innovate new ideas to strengthen their own company. The news provides insight into the stock market, local business, and current worldwide events.

Final Thoughts

You must have the desire to make changes in order to be successful. You do not have to follow these nine examples, but adopting a few of them to start with is a good idea. As these new inclusions become part of your everyday routine, they will become second nature. Once you have your new routine down, you can begin to mentor others from your personal experience.

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