9 Apps to Get Your Finances in Check Today

9 Apps to Get Your Finances in Check Today

If you’re like most Americans, 72% to be exact, then being stressed out about money is a common occurrence every month. But, it doesn’t have to be that way if you create a budget and understand your monthly expenses.

In the past, this may have been a daunting experience as you filled out spreadsheet after spreadsheet. Thankfully, there are plenty of mobile apps that can do this for you. And, here nine of these app to get your finances in check today.

1. Mint

Mint is one of the most popular budgeting apps available since it comes equipped with all the tools you need to manage everything from your earnings, spending, and budgeting. Mint syncs to all of your bank, credit, and savings accounts so that you’ll receive personalized budgets, customized tips, and receive notifications on any suspicious activity or if you go over limit.

With real-time information and access to all of your accounts in one-place, Mint helps you create budgets that you can actually stick you by looking at the big picture.

You can download the app for free.

2. GoodBudget

This app is based on the effective envelope system in which you allocate amounts of money to various “envelopes” like groceries, vacation, or utilities. This allows you to budget accordingly since there aren’t any surprises when you receive a bill or expense, along with keeping an eye on your spending habits and plan for big purchases.

The GoodBudget app is free and works on iPhone and Android devices so you can sync your budget with other members of your household. GoodBudget also offers a Plus Plan for $5 a month.

3. Wally

Like most other finance apps, Wally keeps tabs of your spending and encourages you to understand where your money is going by allowing you to scan receipts, along with adding notes that explain the purchase. You can divide your purchases into different categories so that you know where your money is being spent each day or month.

If you’re concerned about security, Wally may be your best option since it doesn’t link to any of your bank accounts. The app is also 100% free.

4. Prosper Daily

Formerly known as Billguard, Proper Daily has two main features. The first is assisting you in understanding your daily spending habits by viewing all of your accounts and balances in one convenient location. The second is providing ID protection by monitoring three credit bureaus, black market surveillance, Social Security fraud alerts, and lost wallet recovery. The app also provides insurance and ID restoration.

You can download the Prosper Daily app for free, but for all of the robust ID protection features you’ll have to select the $9.99 monthly plan.

5. Invoicing

Initially, this app appears to be your run-of-the-mill invoicing app in which you can see how you’ve spent your money. However, it’s actually a calendar that lets you view how your balances have changed over time and set-up recurring payments. You can also receive notifications on upcoming bills if you prefer not to set-up automatic payments.

My app is free to download for iPhone and Android and you don’t have to store any of your bank accounts.

6. Wallaby

This app contains a suite of features that includes keeping tabs of all your accounts so that know if you’re charging too much onto your credit cards and being notified of there is any suspicious activity. The most unique feature, however, is that the app actually inform you on which credit card you should use based on the lowest interest rates or best reward programs.

Android and iPhone users can download the Wallaby mobile app for free.

7. Fudget

If you’re looking for a simple budgeting app to keep you organized for short-term budgets, like vacations or holiday spending, then look no further. Fudget is so easy-to-use that you’ll no longer get stressed out when it’s time to plan your budget.

The app is free to download for iPhone and Android users.

8. Digit

If you’ve had difficulty with saving money or creating budgets in the past, then Digit was created specifically with you in mind. Just link your bank accounts to the app and Digit does the rest by analyzing your spending habits and determining how much money you can set aside. After that, Digit will automatically withdraw a small amount of money from your checking account and place it into a savings account.

The app is free, but only available for iPhone users.

9. Penny

Penny describes itself as “your personal finance coach” that sends you insights and graphs via text message. It also comes with a beautiful interface that lets you view your past spending habits in fours different categories so that you can see where your money went and how to forecast your spending in the future.

Android and iPhone users can download the app for fee.



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