This Is Why Emotional Intelligence Is More Important Than You Think

This Is Why Emotional Intelligence Is More Important Than You Think


Emotional intelligence is said to be one of the most valued qualities that employers want in their employees. Employees with a high emotional intelligence are known to work better in teams, and have an ability to adjust to change. Having a high emotional intelligence also helps employers identify leadership potential and can make you more likely to receive promotions and pay raises.

Experts have identified five main pillars when it comes to emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and people skills.

All of these contribute to several aspects of our life, like our physical health, mental well-being, our relationships, and success. Not only do these identified pillars contribute to our personal lives, but also our careers, and here’s how.


If you are self-aware, you’ll better understand yourself, including your strengths and weaknesses. Being more self-aware can help you take criticism better, as well as realize opportunities to learn and grow in the workplace. Self-awareness can be one of the most important qualities for employees, as it means you are confident, but also willing to own up to your weaknesses and ask for help.


Being self-motivated is a great quality to have, as self-motivated people don’t need to be micro managed, because they are driven and able to get stuff done on their own. Motivation is what drives us to keep moving ahead, try new things, continue to learn and grow, and essentially leads us to success.


Those with a strong sense of empathy understand others better and have the ability to connect with them on different levels. Empathy is the ability to experience and relate to the emotions, opinions and thoughts of others and can show your co-workers that you have deep respect for them and that you care. This not only helps you be a better colleague but also a better leader in the workplace.


Those with a high emotional intelligence have the ability to express their emotions in a mature, and controlled way. For example, they don’t necessarily get angry when something goes wrong, instead they find an appropriate and constructive way to express their concerns.

People Skills

People skills are critical in any workplace as a good colleague and employee needs to be able to build rapport and trust within their teams and to external audiences/customers. Those with a high emotional intelligence can work with different types of people and have respect for those they work with.

Emotional intelligence is an essential skill in the workplace and in life. It makes you an overall better person to work with and is what builds people into great leaders and successful business people. So whether you are looking for employees yourself, or are looking for a new career, think about the above and how it relates to you before your next interview.

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