8 Reasons Steve Jobs Was Truly a Visionary

8 Reasons Steve Jobs Was Truly a Visionary


Steve Jobs was a technology entrepreneur and inventor. Not only was he the co-founder of Apple, he was also the Chief Executive Officer of Pixar Animation Studios. He was not a technologically advanced man and did not believe in living a lavish lifestyle. He lived modestly, similar to corporate business executives, not a multi-billionaire. He was a perfectionist, but also learned how to rise above his failures and shortcomings in life.

1. He Showed Before Telling

Steve Jobs found that showing someone ideas about a product and not just telling them about it made more of an impact. It helped people get on the same page to see where he wanted to go with an invention. He had ideas, those ideas became prototypes and he then showed the world that a single idea can make a huge impact on society and become a major product of use in society.

2. He Believed in Persistence

Jobs believed in being persistent. Failing was never a clear “no” answer to him. He took his failures, and moved forward to learn from those failures. Through persistence and believing in himself and his product/s at Apple, he began revolutionizing the way the world used and saw technology. The Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad have revolutionized technology forever, and that is thanks only to the persistence of a man who was really not tech-savvy at all.

3. He Rebounded after Major Failures

Some believe that all Steve Jobs did was succeed. Few realize that he had major failures in his lifetime. Some failures that would have ruined others only drove him to work harder, try harder and try again. He tried no matter how many times it took to make a project of vision right. It did not matter the process required to correct those things, although exhausting and tedious, he made sure everything was done in what he considered to be the right way.

4. He Changed Animated Movie and Digital Music Worlds Forever

Steve Jobs had a vision to reshape the movie industry. Pixar is one of his babies, which was later sold to Disney for a sum of $7.4 billion, before moving onto digitizing the music industry. The way that the world listens to music was revolutionized by his vision to make music available digitally and accessible through wireless mobile devices like iPods and iTunes.

5. He Created without being Industry-Savvy

Much of society believes that Steve Jobs was a technological genius. That is correct – to a point. He had very little actual knowledge of how technology worked, he just wanted a device that would perform a specific task. He proved that you do not need to be an industry expert to be successful in the industry.

6. He Lived Modestly through Fortune

Steve Jobs was worth more money than most people will make over the course of a lifetime, but he did not live a crazy or lavish lifestyle. At one point, Apple was very close to filing for bankruptcy. Through his fortune, he still lived a modest and simple life. He enjoyed simple and wanted others to understand that even though you have all the money you could ever want, it isn’t what defines your success, it isn’t what makes you happy and it isn’t what makes you. Having money just made life easier and allowed him to help others by making charitable contributions to causes that meant something to him.

7. He Mentored younger Entrepreneurs

Mark Zuckerburg, founder of Facebook, was mentored by Steve Jobs. Jobs took his life lessons, his failures and his major achievements and used those examples to help young entrepreneurs make names for themselves and help their visions come to life. He was not too proud or too busy to help others that wanted to indirectly follow in a simple man’s footsteps.

8. He Focused on Products before Profits

While most entrepreneurs and business owners are driven by profits, Steve Jobs was driven by providing properly working products and living up to expectations through hype. The functionality, affordability and usability of the products Jobs envisioned was always the most important aspect of product development. He ran rigorous testing phases on products and made sure they were really ready for launch before doing so. In Jobs’ mind, the product always had to come before the profit.

Steve Jobs may not have been a well-known man until a vision came to life, but he made a name for himself that will be remembered forever. He was a true visionary in the way that he lived, how he thought of the product before money, and how society was always at the forefront of his decision making.

His products and revolutionary approach to business have resonated with entrepreneurs and corporate business executives and will remain relevant even as technology continues to evolve.

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