5 Signs You Need a Break from Work

5 Signs You Need a Break from Work


With the evolution of technology in the workplace, it’s hard to shut ourselves off from work beyond when we leave the office for the day. We are tuned in 24/7, and although this is great in some sense, it also can be horrible for our own wellbeing.

We as humans need a break. We need to take time for ourselves, and we need to make time for those things we love in life, and no, even if you love your job, that doesn’t count. But how do you know when you’re long overdue for a break from work? Here are five telltale signs.

1. You can't sleep at night

Spending your evenings tossing and turning because you can’t shut off your brain and relax enough to fall asleep? It’s time for a break. When we’re constantly on the go and don’t have time to take a step back and regroup, or spend time on ourselves, we often find ourselves lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, running through a million things in our head that we have to do.

As adults, we need around eight hours of sleep every night to allow our brain to recharge and our body to repair itself. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you likely aren’t getting your best work done anyways, so take some time to let yourself catch up. Your body (and your work) will thank you for it.

2. You are lacking motivation

When our lives are go, go, go, and we lose touch with spending time on ourselves or finding a balance between work and life, we tend to be significantly unhappier. Unhappiness leads to loss of motivation, and a loss of motivation doesn’t do any good for yourself or your work.

If you find yourself dragging yourself out of bed to get to your job, where you don’t feel motivated to do anything every day, this doesn’t always mean you need a new job. In fact, it probably just means you need to take a break, regroup, have some time to reflect, and come back afterwards recharged and refreshed.

3. You don't have time for the things you enjoy

Work-life balance can be more important than you think. Having a balance between work and life helps not only motivate you in your job because you’re giving yourself time to just do you but also makes you a happier person. Taking time for yourself and things you enjoy is important and can help you be more productive in the hours you do spend at work.

Make time for the important things in your life like family, and exercise, and when I say make time, I don’t mean be on your phone working the whole time instead of being present in the now.

4. You're irritable

You start to realize that even the regular actions and behaviors of your colleagues are making your skin crawl and the thought of your day-to-day at work makes you moan with dissatisfaction. Your mood is notably grumpy even if nothing or no particular event has really happened to you.

This is a red flag that you need to get yourself on a plane or a beach, or somewhere that will allow you to regroup, and recharge. Overworking doesn’t help anyone or anything, and the last thing you want is to lose a job because you reacted to something in an unreasonable way. Do yourself a favour, use up those vacation days you have. They give them to you for a reason.

5. You constantly feel under the weather

We all get into that slump every now and then when the lack of sleep, motivation, and everything in between is just making us feel physically ill.

Do yourself a favour and make a list of the things you love and things you’d love to do and get done (outside of your work duties), commit to taking time off or finding time in your schedule to do these things for yourself. Remember that you need to take care of yourself, and life is too short to be unhappy. It’s amazing how doing something simple that we like can instantly change our perspective and mood.

So do yourself, and everyone else around you a favour, and put yourself and your health first for once and take a break.

About the Author

Lauren Marinigh is a Toronto-based online marketing and content development professional, who is completely addicted to traveling, puppies, and GIFs.

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