6 Examples of Awesome Social Media Campaigns

6 Examples of Awesome Social Media Campaigns


Social media networks are where most businesses and brands are focusing their marketing efforts these days. The world is mobile, the world is social and marketing efforts need to be mobile too.

To maintain the status of being an industry leader, your brand has to be innovative, flexible and adaptable to change. Without being able to effectively use social media campaigns, especially in real-time marketing situations, you could be hindering your revenue numbers.

1. Domino’s #EasyOrder

Domino’s launched a campaign with the hashtag #EasyOrder which allows customers to order via Twitter. The campaign rolled out in May 2015 and has had great success. Still, a year later, television commercials and social media campaigns are still promoting the ease of ordering a pizza using Twitter.

This immediately began trending as a large portion of society has a Twitter account. Since websites do not always cooperate with mobile devices and apps crash, adding the convenience of a social media option works well for younger generations.

2. BBC #100Women

Social media campaigns aren’t only for American audiences. In 2015, campaigns were launched on both Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #100Women to deliver news-type content that was more engaging for female audiences. The content was shared in eight different languages on the international BBC Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Women from across the globe, from varying walks were featured in the advertisement to appeal to women as a whole and not one specific female demographic group.

3. TOMS #WithoutShoes

TOMS is known for being the company where you buy a pair of shoes and it donates a pair to a person in need. The #WithoutShoes campaign where it asked fans to go a single day without wearing shoes. Every mention of #WithoutShoes with a properly tagged photo helped donate shoes to those in need. This campaign alone helped TOMS donate 296,243 pairs of shoes from a single social media campaign.

Instagram was the social media platform that produced the best results for this campaign. While the campaign was meant for people to post photos of their bare feet, many posted photos of empty shoes with the hashtag instead.

TOMS, being the standup company that it is, honored those interactions and still donated shoes to those in need.

4. The Last Selfie

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) ran a campaign on Snapchat in 2015 titled The Last Selfie. It was created with the intention of drawing in animal lovers to donate to aid endangered species. The ad created a stir as it evolved the idea of selfies disappearing from Snapchat after roughly 10 seconds in reference to how quickly endangered species are disappearing. The campaign increased donations significantly just from worldwide branding efforts and social media sharing.

5. Dollar Shave Club #RazorBurn

Dollar Shave Club is known for its creative approach to advertising. The company ran a campaign with the hashtag #RazorBurn and an image with the quote, “Your razor’s so old it was acquired in the Louisiana Purchase.”

Given that the campaign was lighthearted and rather accurate in terms of razor-blade life, it resulted in an increase of social media mentions by 24-percent.

6. Periscope Digital Billboards

Periscope is similar to Skype but for smartphones. It allows users to create an account and stream live from their mobile devices. It is also handy for virtual conversations and staying connected. It now has the option for brands to create billboards to advertise with.

These digital billboards are becoming more popular as more brands, including travel services, are catching onto the concept of improving their digital marketing efforts.

Creating Awesome Campaigns

It takes more than just watching what an industry leader is doing to be successful with social media campaigns. These brands have teams of marketing professionals and researchers that run algorithmic analysis reports regularly to see what markets respond to specific types of campaigns.

You have to know your audience to be able to connect with them to make an impact. Engage with the audience by at least acknowledging their interaction and display the data collected to provide statistics to consumers. It is also important to include an accompanying hashtag with social media campaigns to track a campaign’s success as well.

Closing Thoughts

Social media marketing campaigns can reach millions of people in hundreds of countries around the world. The impact that a specific campaign has with society weighs heavily on the subject matter, visual impact, and method of delivery. Society likes marketing campaigns that are straight to the point and without filler-speech. Keep campaigns simple and use keywords to make a big impact.

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