Email Marketing for Vegetarians: 5 Reasons to Hate SPAM

Email Marketing for Vegetarians: 5 Reasons to Hate SPAM

I hate SPAM! I’m not going to shop for Viagra or buy a fake Rolex... and Lana from Russia? Thanks but no thanks.

Email Marketing for Vegetarians: 5 Reasons to Hate SPAM

Whether you're a vegetarian or not, chances are you hate Spam. I don't blame you. But have you ever been tempted to send out a "spamish" email yourself? Perhaps when sales are slow? Or to push a toy that's not selling? What difference would one email make? If it could help someone, it’s not considered Spam, is it?

What is Spam?

There's two types of Spam out there, one that's delicious, and one that's infuriating. The latter of which is broadly defined as unsolicited email, though unsolicited is a vague word – emails from ex-husbands or wives, however unsolicited, are not spam. Unsolicited emails sent as advertisement for products or services are.

5 Reasons to Hate Spam

  1. It’s illegal and unethical: CAN SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing) Act of 2003 was developed to prevent the spread of spam. In fact, most countries have some kind of law and they are clearly defined legal requirements in the USA and EU when it comes to sending out emails.
  2. It can damage your reputation: Permission based emails do work. You can see the results in companies as large as Amazon, to the retail store that’s just opened its ecommerce site. Unsolicited email is shunned, and you probably won’t get the chance to explain your reasons for sending it.
  3. You can get banned: Sites like craigslist have buttons to ‘flag’ you and depending on how often you spam, you are likely to receive insults, abuses, and yes, even be banned from the site. Additionally, your ISP will most likely have a policy that prevents spamming. Break their rules and they can actually terminate your internet access and have your website removed!
  4. Spam can be harmful: Spam email is annoying, but it can also be one of the top sources for viruses, worms, Trojan horses, bots, rootkits, and spyware.  
  5. It doesn’t work: Most spammy emails will get sent to the junk folder where they get deleted without being opened. But even if yours makes its way into an inbox, the chances of someone actually reacting positively are slim. Firstly, people are wary of unsolicited emails, and secondly, unless you’ve carefully planned a targeted campaign, most likely the receiver isn't even part of your target demographic. The only ones who make the money are those direct mailing companies from whom you buy your list.

Final Thought

Spam does your online store and it's reputation more harm than good. It’s unethical and illegal, not to mention annoying and likely to get you flagged. As an ecommerce store owner, you're more likely to build sales by conducting a targeted, permission based email campaign, where you can track and monitor audience response. Check out an article I wrote that's a basic email marketing guide for online store owners. Not sure if the CAN-SPAM Act applies to what you intend to do? Check out this Business Compliance Guide.


  • Rebecca Lynn
    Rebecca Lynn
    December 01 2011, 07:29PM

    There’s more than 5 reasons to hate spam, but either way its a good article. Lana from Russia – Ha!

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