Friday Funday: The Gang from "I Wear Your Shirt" Make Some Fun Shopify Videos!

We like to have a little fun on Friday's and you should too. I Wear Your Shirt is an innovative advertising company that's shaking up traditional advertising methods. The concept is pretty cool. Essentially, you buy a day and mail them your company t-shirts (or whatever). Then, a team from across the USA will wear your shirts all day, take pictures, make videos, Facebook them, Twitter them, and all sorts of fun stuff. 
The founder, Jason Sadler, conceived the idea in 2005 as "a way to make some extra money without actually working," and began living his dream at the beginning of 2010. As of a few months ago, Jason has built his team to 5 people from across the United States and sells each advertising day on the calendar through his awesome Shopify store. 
To celebrate a beautiful Friday, Jason and his gang wore Shopify t-shirts all day and here are some amusing video's that came of it....



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