Updated Product Screen and New Features

We're excited to announce that we've updated our Product screen in anticipation of a great new feature we will be releasing very shortly.

You can check our screencast below to see how we've made our Product screen even better and easier to use. In the second half of the screencast, we sneak-preview our exciting new feature, Multiple Options for Products!

We hope you enjoy the new layout, and stay tuned to find out more about our new feature for products.




  • kevin
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM

    This looks awesome guys. I am happy to say this will definitely come in useful. I hope you have more stuff on the way also.

    One thing I am really looking for is something similar but to do with the shipping option. At the moment if I wanna add shipping options, I must add each country in individually and add option individually also. This is so tiresome and such a waste of time. Like most shipping companies, the shipping company I use goes by weight AND destination with many countries having the same rate based on their weight. It is such a pain having to input the same information over and over wasting hours of time. If it was possible to set up groups and assign weight values and then choose, using check boxes or something, which countries should be part of this group it would make the work less repetitive and tedious. I hope you guys read these comments and maybe you could even get back to me to hear more about my idea to better the experience for shopify users.

    Once again thanks for the new feature and I hope to hear from you guys soon.

  • Becky
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM

    Wow! You have been busy. This looks promising. A welcome addition me thinks. I’m off to have a go. Thank you.

  • Erika
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM

    Thanks for that! Very cooool!

  • Mikko
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM

    Excellent news! As long as that also eliminates the single long drop down in the storefront, Bob’s your uncle, and I’m your new customer.

  • Alex
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM

    Hell yeah. Now we can finally start using you guys!

  • hunkybill
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM

    Wow… after two years that little re-factoring puts my javascript hacking to rest! It was fun while it lasted….

  • Jamie
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM

    Will this eat up sku’s for each color/material/size variant or can the client share one sku for each t-shirt design in this example? If a client has 10 Tees in a product line x 12 colors they quickly feel the value slip away when they have to upgrade to a 60$ plan for 10 T-shirts x 12 colors = 120 skus.

  • @Shopify Mike
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM

    @Jamie: To answer your question about SKU usage and this new addition: We have not changed the way SKUs are allocated, as each Variant will still require its own SKU. Your example of 10 T-Shirts, each available in 12 colours will require 120 unique variation combinations, and therefor 120 SKUs (It’s always been this way).

    The nice thing about this new method, as Mikko guesses, is that it does away with the single drop-down menu. The result is a super clean and truly amazing customer experience.

  • Alex Wayne
    Alex Wayne
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM


    Can this be used to support some custom attributes on products as well? So like there would only be one variant of each product, but my templates would have access to these named fields to track some non-standard product values.

    April 16 2009, 10:05AM


  • Jared
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM

    Why didn’t you guys make the variant independent like people suggested??? So that you price each option and just combine them together. We have some products that have over 1,600 variant, so this really doesn’t help much.

  • gr1n
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM

    Does anyone have this working in a public shop? I’d love to see what this looks like to the customer before I change how I have my store set up.

    Great stuff – thanks!


  • Geri
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM

    I can’t find this function on the product page… :(

  • Jamie
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM

    Thanks Mike. I figures as much. But thanks for clarifying!

  • Ben
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM

    Hey Shopify Crew – The new functionality looks awesome – can’t wait to try it out. Looks like some good thought went into what capabilities were needed – appreciate it.


  • Caroline Schnapp
    Caroline Schnapp
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM

    I really love this new feature, as well as the new UI for setting these attributes. How effortless it is now to add a new ‘trait’.

    The method does eat up a lot of SKUs. Let me rephrase: we need just as many SKUs as we ever did to get the same number of combinations. However, there’s still the same advantage to this: you can attach a stock quantity to each combination, say you can keep track of your 24 red small T-shirts.

    JavaScript attributes have not been put to rest, however. What are you talking about, Hunkybill? ;)

    The ‘hack’ still is good for those who use multiple attributes, and cannot afford to have x number of SKUs. Imagine a product that comes in small, medium, large and x-large, with 6 different colors. A single product eats up 24 SKUs. With a Basic Plan, you can only sell 4 T-shirts… And the more ‘traits’ a product has, the steeper the increase in number of SKUs. Say you want an extra attribute for gift-wrap / no gift-wrap, you have just doubled up the number of SKUs used in your store. Just to provide one extra option.

    Also, JavaScript attributes are needed for custom attributes, such as custom text (engraving, printing), custom size (width, height, thickness), anything specific that is not served with a limited number of options.

    Finally heard your voice too, Mike! Good to hear you!

    I love these screencasts you guys make.

    Thanks for the most awesome, sexiest e-commerce solution out there.

  • Melody
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM

    This is very nice! A lot easier to sort through when dealing with multiple sizes and colors. Question though…so each color and each size available in that color even if set up using the multiple options setup STILL counts against your product count, right? My client was hoping that this new feature would save on the number of products that have to use up to provide different colors and sizes in their skirts but it appears that remains the same?

  • SF
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM

    Why dont I see the area to add options on shopify’s backend products page nor do I see it if I create a new one? Have you guys enabled it yet?

    I do like the new layout though. Good work.

  • Thomas
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM

    Great – Multple Options is the one feature I’ve been waiting for! To bad I’m still missing it in my shop though…

  • Melody
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM

    Maybe I should have read the other comments first (: I see it still counts against us. No problem, the upgrade is still great!

  • Sandy
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM

    OK, so far I am loving what this looks like it can become but, want to clarify what I THINK I am seeing in the “next week” improvements:
    Will each variant be allowed to have its own image? That would ROCK!!!!! My variants are a) pattern followed by b) color within a Designer’s Fabric Collection. I eagerly await the new feature!!!

  • @Shopify tobi
    April 16 2009, 10:05AM

    today! The feature just launched. Enjoy everyone :-)


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