Cody Fauser

Cody Fauser

Cody Fauser

After finishing his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at the University of Alberta, Cody found himself hooked on Ruby on Rails and living in Ottawa. Realizing that Tobi was also in Ottawa, Cody emailed him out of the blue to chat about Rails. The rest, they say, is history.

When not soliciting strangers to talk about programming, Cody also enjoys snowboarding, climbing, biking, and traveling to new places.

Cody is the author of RJS Templates for Rails, and the open source eBay API Library for Ruby.


  • BjM
    January 14 2008, 02:10PM

    Forgot to mention that he looks like that guy from Titanic.

  • Russell Tanner
    Russell Tanner
    January 14 2008, 02:10PM

    I was curious if you know of any good Ruby programmers living in the western United States (we’re in California). My partner and I have a pretty interesting project that we want to put together, using the Ruby/Basecamp/Shopify"ish" look, feel and functionality. But the Ruby community seems to be pretty small (at least guys that really know what they are doing). Thanks a lot!

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