UK Payment Gateway Protx Integrated

UK Payment Gateway Protx Integrated
UK Payment Gateway Protx Integrated

Shopify has now integrated with the UK payment gateway Protx. Protx is one of the most popular UK gateways, and we’re happy to finally have support for it.

From the Protx website:

Protx provides secure online credit card and debit card payment solutions for thousands of online and mail order businesses across the UK.

We have grown to become the largest independent Payment Service Provider in the country because our solutions offer our customers exceptional value for money without compromising on the level of service and functionality we provide.

Special thanks to Vincent Palmer who contributed the code to to ActiveMerchant.



  • Alex
    August 29 2007, 06:13PM

    Does this include support for 3D Secure?

    3D Secure is required in order to accept Maestro (and therefore Switch) in the UK.


  • @Shopify Cody Fauser
    Cody Fauser
    August 29 2007, 06:13PM

    This doesn’t have support for 3D Secure yet. We are aware of the policies regarding Maestro in the UK, and we are working on a solution.

  • Nolan
    May 10 2012, 06:06AM

    This is good, but as a UK user of Shopify, the checkout process remains a big stumbling block. It would be great if a set up like PROTX could take away some of the headache – We really need the 3D Secure

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