Small update on shipping rates

Small update on shipping rates

While we at jaded Pixel never rest but always strive to improve every screen we already have (besides introducing new and exciting features), we thought we’d bring you one step closer to a painless Shipping Rates Creation.

Small update on shipping rates



  • DanW
    February 05 2007, 05:42PM

    Great update. Much easier to add shipping methods. Nice Job!!

  • khrap
    February 05 2007, 05:42PM

    Compare Shipping Rates provides a SOAP API you can query in real time to retrieve a cheap shipping rates for international countries. This is free.
    Code it once, get many prices.

  • Tony
    February 05 2007, 05:42PM

    Great, but shipping should still take into account a zip code. Integrate with Fedex, USP and DHL. It may cost $5.00 to ship my package in state, but it’s going to cost 3 times that to ship across the country. I’m not going to edit 50 state fields for 10 shipping ranges. :(

  • Caitlin
    May 08 2014, 07:37PM

    Another FedEx Rate Hike…Here is what you can do about it.
    FedEx just announced it is raising prices by about 41% for one-third of their ground shipments. They’re doing this by charging for “box size” instead of “weight”. See article:

    Who is impacted and what can they do about it?
    Lighter weight products requiring a larger size box will cost more to ship. Product examples are diapers, paper towels, shoes, light toys, promotional materials, bulky household goods, fragile items requiring padded packaging, and many others. This increase will dramatically affect online retailers and small businesses the most. Merchants will have to choose to either raise product prices (sales will decrease), pass on shipping fees (cart abandonment will increase), or absorb the fee entirely (not competitive long-term).

    Is there a good option?
    Yes. While FedEx is raising rates, has lowered the price of shipping via USPS 2-Day Priority Mail with an innovative New Blue program now available at The company already saves shippers about 20% from their previous bills with FedEx or UPS by giving them access to pricing designed to compete with market leaders such as Amazon. By offering 2-day service for less than FEDEX 5-day ground, users retain more profit and provide a better transit experience to their customers. If you’re still shipping with FedEx or UPS, contact us for a free shipping analysis. We’re here to help.

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