Email & Notifications

Email & Notifications

We just deployed improved support for emails.

This addresses two commonly requested features:

1) When you get a new order you will receive an email about it. In the past we relied on the automatic notifications of the payment gateways but with support for COD and Money-Order there was no guarantee anymore that an email was even sent to the site operator. You can now add users, emails, and even cell phones to be notified of incoming orders. Completely customizable.

Email & Notifications

2) Emails were always hard to edit and, worse than that, it was really a shot in the dark. There was no good way to actually find out if the edited email looked good in a browser or in an email client. We addressed this with a new preview mode and with a way of getting an email with example data delivered to your inbox.

Of course there is also the traditional way of subscribing to your incoming orders using RSS.



  • @Shopify tobi
    October 09 2006, 04:38PM

    No but we use the Email to cellphone gateway so your provider might charge you for this depending on your contract.

  • Damien
    October 09 2006, 04:38PM

    Those are great improvements – particularly the SMS notifications. Will there be any additional charges from Shopify for the SMS notifications?

  • Thomas
    October 09 2006, 04:38PM

    Great news.

  • George
    October 08 2018, 12:16PM

    I am trying to stop Shopify from sending me emails.I have gone on their web site but can’t find any contact info.Where do I go to find out how to stop their emails.Thanks

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