Shopify Integrates with eWAY

Shopify Integrates with eWAY

Shopify Integrates with eWAY

Since we have had so many requests for better payment gateway coverage for Australia, we have decided to integrate with eWAY, one of Australia’s leading payment gateways. As well as being a ecommerce partner with many of Australia’s largest banks, eWAY offers Australian citizens a variety of useful gateway services, If you are in Australia and want to sell online eWAY and Shopify have just made it a whole lot easier.



  • Kellie
    August 07 2006, 12:30PM

    Great to see an Australian gateway being developed. That makes shopify one step closer to being able to move our site from osCommerce.

    Any plans to support the Mastercard Internet Gateway Service (MIGS)? For details see

  • Wulff
    August 07 2006, 12:30PM

    Hey! What about the Danish market? Can’t you integrate with … or something???

  • Meryl Orne-Gliemann
    Meryl Orne-Gliemann
    March 05 2012, 04:59PM

    Any plans to integrate with the Australian Postal System calculator? This is a must for my planned store

  • Matt Bullock
    Matt Bullock
    June 28 2012, 06:50AM

    Keen to get Shopify to link to our new UK, NZ and AU solution – rapid API – Let us know how we can help!

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