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KinkyCurlyYaki: How Vivian Kaye Built a 7-Figure Business + AMA

Vivian Kaye Founder, KinkyCurlyYaki

Serial entrepreneur Vivian Kaye shares her story of turning her side-hustle into a million-dollar ecommerce business. Sign up to get your questions answered live! On this one-hour webinar she’ll teach you her insider tips to accelerate your success.

Vivian Kaye Founder, KinkyCurlyYaki

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About Vivian Kaye

Vivian believes in the no-excuses approach to entrepreneurship. She didn’t let being a college drop-out, immigrant, single mom or black woman hold her back from building her empire. Vivian is a serial entrepreneur (currently the Founder & CEO of KinkyCurlyYaki), keynote speaker, and business coach for commerce entrepreneurs.